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I have always been a terrible writer. It has been something that has followed me throughout my entire education; it’s something that’s never fully clicked in my mind. Despite this, I’ve always known I wanted a college degree, and I would have to overcome my writing obstacles somehow. My very first English class that I took in college was very difficult. The professor had very limited office hours, and wasn’t particularly forthcoming with support and assistance for struggling writers. I felt like I was on my own. After I got a D on my first essay, I decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands or risk failure.

            The teacher assigned the second assignment right after the first, and I decided that day to go home and write it to the best of my ability. I figured I could get someone to proof read it and give me solid constructive criticism. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone that would be up to the challenge and my professors were nowhere to be found, so I went searching for a solution online. Through a writing forum, I found Unemployed Professors. I wasn’t sure exactly what this website was for, but quickly found out because it is a very user-friendly website. The language is clear and to the point, and there are no hidden fees or anything shady, what you pay for is what you get.  This was important to me since I tend to not trust a lot of things on the internet. I didn’t want them to write my paper for me, I just wanted an expert to read my paper and point out its flaws so I could fix it. With unemployed professors, you post your project and the professors will submit bids and then you are allowed to chat with them in order to pick a suitable person.

            I ended up finding an English Professor who went above and beyond in helping me with my assignment. She didn’t just correct my mistakes, but she wrote out exactly what the issue was in a way that I could understand. I learned more from her about writing from that one essay than I had with my actual professor up to that point. Not only that, the price was exceptionally low since it was proofreading and editing, not the writing of the actual paper. I ended up dramatically improving my grade, and I have since used Unemployed Professors about ten times in an editing capacity, always to excellent results. I honestly DO NOT know what I would have down without them. They have saved my tail on multiple occasions and have allowed me to reach the point where I am today. I have become a better writer and am now far more confident in my writing abilities.

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