5 Useful Websites To Help You Discover Internship Opportunities Abroad

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As much as we have come to love Google search and the result and suggestions it gives back to us, the fact remains that plowing of career sites is lagging your time spent on finding an internship and studying for exams (and partying).

In fact, search results are currently overrepresenting student accredited internships exclusively for U.S. residents. Just make a quick twitter tag search for “Internships” and 1 out of 100 posts are about a non-U.S based internship.

So what if you are a student who is on exchange looking for an internship in the country you are in? Or perhaps a person who dreams of an international career and want to explore your options to intern abroad?

Even better, imagine a non-U.S student in a European country looking for an internship abroad who are not set on a specific country or city or continent.

The Internship Guide has listed on their blog a few checkpoint questions for the person wanting to intern abroad and designed a form for companies to ensure the student understands what is expected from them in skills before applying:

  • What is your study discipline?
  • For how long are you available?(is it part of your study programme or are you planning to take a few months of university to gain more work experience)
  • What is your nationality(citizenship for Visa and Passport reasons)
  • What type of company are you interested to intern for (NGO, Start-up, Large known company etc). People tend to go for the later option)

The world of internships online can be tough. Many sites have niched themselves and gained popularity and we have scouted the web for you. This is the sites with an international edge where you can not only find internships suited for only local citizens but also to international talent:

  • The Internship Guide.com (For cultural chameleons looking for an internship abroad (Europe, Asia, Africa, etc) from equal opportunity employers)
  • Internships.com (Mainly focusing on U.S internships for credits, both paid and unpaid internships)
  • Enternships(only U.K internships and jobs, they started off as only start-up internships in the u.k)
  • Talendo(Niching to Internships and Jobs in Switzerland only)
  • Startup Jobs(niching to only startup jobs and internships)

Good luck in your search for an internship abroad!

What is an internship?

An internship is a way for students who wish to gain more work experience and skills within a certain topic, industry and country without necessary payment like a full-time job. For students who excel during their internship it is not uncommon for companies to stay in touch with the student or offer a fixed employment.

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