Why Attending College before University Makes Sense

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High school graduates who are choosing to expand their skill set often debate on where they should attend school for their higher learning. University is often the first and most common consideration, but more students are now choosing to attend a college prior to heading off to university. Below we will explore the benefits of choosing to attend college first and why university may not be the best choice for new and returning students.

Lower Tuition and Education Fees

Pursuing any type of education is going to be expensive, but a university education is a lot more costly. While some students may think that they are paying more because a university education is somehow better, consider the fact that the first two years of any program you choose to pursue will be virtually the same, regardless of whether you go to university or college. College students are just able to enjoy that same education at a significantly reduced cost.

Greater Potential to Earn Scholarships

If your grades were less than stellar in high school, you still have the ability to earn money-saving scholarships by attending college. Students who are able to improve their grades in college may suddenly find that they have access to scholarships which they were previously not eligible for.

Smaller Class Sizes

Colleges are able to offer the same education to students as a university while keeping class sizes small. The “classrooms” for students embarking on the first two years of their educational journey in a university are often large auditoriums which may house well over 100 students. Colleges, on the other hand, keep their class sizes to 20 or 30 students. This allows students to receive more individualised care and attention.

Attending College

More Convenient Location

Schools like West London College are centrally located, making it accessible to students throughout the metro London area. Universities tend to be further away given their size, meaning that students often need to relocate or live on campus in order to attend. Other costs which can impact a student’s quality of life include:

  • Additional petrol costs or bus fare
  • Car maintenance fees
  • Food expenses

More Time to Test the Waters

Students who are fresh out of high school often do not know which career they wish to pursue. This is why students in college and university will often change their major at least once prior to graduating. Some may have a penchant for fashion design but they feel that becoming an accountant would be a more sensible career path. Others may love animals and are considering becoming a veterinarian assistant, while others may be curious about engineering but are not sure if they can complete the program requirements.

College gives students more time to “test the waters” and get a feel for which career path will be best for them without spending tens of thousands of dollars on courses which they will not need in the future. The best colleges will have a greater selection of a variety of courses than a university, so students have the option to explore their interests and to choose the most fulfilling career path for them.

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