Meet the Man Creating Wonders in the Field of Academics and Sports

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Aneesh Kodali graduated from the University of North Carolina from the Chapel Hill and has majored in Economics and Mathematics. He is presently studying to become an actuary and has appeared in the preliminary actuarial exams 1/P exam and the 2/FM exam.

Aneesh Kodali was quite a bright in his academics and also had a knack for sports. He had profound knowledge in several languages such as R programming and Python and also has fair amount of knowledge in Excel, SQL, Access, Statistical interference and VBA. Mr. Kodali, ever since his young days wanted to make something out of his career and so he was quite dedicated in whatever he did. Being a good student of math and economics, he is vehemently recognized as well as appreciated in several spheres for this outstanding performance in Umpteen programs.

One of the main things which make him a stand out among others in the same field is his desire to learn and his versatility to carry out tasks in the efficient fashion. He has a never say die attitude and his optimal charisma and young blood makes him capable to tackle all sorts of work- no matter how tough they prove to be and attain excellence. It is because of his excellence that his career got boosted and made him one distinguished individual.

Mr. Kodali is also a lover of sports especially tennis and is always seen showing active involvement in the local tennis leagues. He loves the game and has emerged victorious in numerous leagues. Because of his eternal commitment towards the sport, he always took part in various tournaments alongside organizing tennis camps for the kids in the locality. Mr. Kodali holds the viewpoints that taking some time from one’s hectic schedule and contributing to something interesting is the main definition of professional management and those who does it is often considered to be an epitome of perfection.


Along with competing in local leagues and nonprofit tennis camps for little kids, Mr. Kodali has been proficiently involved in motivating young kids to take up the sport and try and make a career out of it. Those kids who have a certain liking for the sports, his valuable tips and know-hows prove to be colossal advantage for them. One can never deny his wonderful contribution in the field of tennis.

Apart from that Aneesh Kodali has also presented numerous blogs concerning- “the difference between economics and actuarial science” and also his most popular one- “the role of actuarial science in risk management.” These are the umpteen characteristics which make his persona peerless than the rest in the realm and he truly is an inspiration for all those young students who are taking the same path.

Aneesh kodali is a an example and inspiration for young generation looking forward to striking perfect balance between academics and sports. If you wish to make a difference, follow the footsteps that have created a niche in the field.

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