6 Benefits of an BBA Alumni Network

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It is the dream of most students to gain admission into a reputed business school. The programmes on offer, the specializations, and the placement opportunities are often considered in depth. What many fail to see as a real benefit, though, is the MBA alumni network. This is the one true reward that you shall continue to reap well after your course has ended, often for the rest of your career. The best universities for BBA in India are often those that boast of the strongest alumni networks. Let us take a look at a few of the benefits that this network is likely to bring you.

Identity and Brotherhood:

Once you graduate from a reputed business school like the IILM in Delhi, you gain an identity that you will carry for the rest of your life. The alumni of your alma mater are bound to you in an unbreakable bond of pride and unity. No matter which part of the world you are in, no matter if you choose to become an entrepreneur or climb the rungs of the corporate ladder in some business house, the remarkable identity that ties you with your fellow alumni shall always be a strong one.

Career Building:

At every stage of your career the alumni network of your business school will help you find people and opportunities to enhance your career. It could be a simple matter of a job change or finding business opportunities or bagging contracts, a strong alumni network can help you reach out and seize the day.

Finding Finance and Human Resource Capital:

Planning on establishing a startup venture right after completing your BBA in Entrepreneurship? Or looking forward to expand your enterprise and seeking fresh infusion of capital? Your alumni network may be the best place to start looking. It is also the best place to look for highly resourceful and skilled personnel to join the company. A good business school is known by the strength of its alumni and their placement in key positions of many global corporations and your enterprise will be enriched by the resources you garner from your network.

Business Mentoring:

Business mentoring is one very important benefit of alumni networks of reputed business schools. Just after you graduate you may be ready to start your own venture and may be looking for someone to guide you and help you make tough decisions. Your alumni network will be just the place to find a mentor. Do remember that as you mature, you must share your experiences and help new graduates benefit from your mentorship too.

Giving Back To Alma Mater:

The greatest benefit of a strong alumni network is the desire to give back to the alma mater. It is not uncommon for successful alumni to sponsor scholarships or undertake infrastructure addition projects for their colleges. They are the best brand ambassadors for their colleges and bring pride to the institutions.

Shared Memories and Stories:

Being actively involved in the alumni network and participating in reunions and events hosted by the association brings in great career benefits. That, however, is only one aspect. The older you grow the more you will find joy in the company of your classmates and others who went to the same college.

Business schools such IILM in Delhi boast of strong alumni networks. This is one often ignored but very important benefit of enrolling in such colleges.


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