10 Tips for Dominating a Conference Session

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Wish to attend a conference session on your desired topic? These days attending conferences is not enough, dominating the conference session that you attend is essential. To meet up to the level of competition and rat race it is important that you make your mark in a conference session and dominate it. You should have the mentality of standing out from your peers at a conference. Be it with your personality or your intelligence, ultimate domination is very much essential and it should be you ultimate goal while attending a conference session.

However it is important that you make the right impression at all times and not portray a false one. Being highly original is essential throughout the session as it has shown the maximum results over the years. Here we will tell you how to dominate a conference session.


How to dominate a conference session?

Survey and research has shown that there are about 10 things that help a person to dominate a conference session at ease. The following 10 tips are extremely foolproof and very accurate and useful in making the ultimate dominance in a conference. If followed judiciously they will surely take you a step closer to professional success and glory. They are:

  1. Be Comfortable and relax

It is very important that you shake off all nervousness before entering the conference hall. The first thing that people notice when you enter the hall is what you are wearing. So wear something formal and not too loose or tight. If you feel comfortable you will look confident and you will also be confident from within. Thus as they say, ‘first impression is the last impression’, make your efforts count.

  1. Be bright and look smart

Have an appealing smile on your face at all times. This is good to impress people right from the start. If you look happy and have a positive attitude people will be drawn towards you for sure. They will feel like approaching you and knowing you more closely. Be open and give the opportunity for the same and in turn grab the opportunity of knowing each one of them as well.

  1. Remember your purpose

Each and every moment of your presence should count. Before attending the meeting you must read up on the topic to some extent and make sure you have an insight on the topic, so that during the conference session you can participate actively in it.

  1. Be attentive

100% attention is the key to dominating a conference session. This ensures that the person knows the topic and the discussed points well before taking on question answer session. Paying attention initially and till the end to what others have to say will not just help you draw a conclusion of your own but will help you, form your questions well so that they are valid and correct.

  1. Do your homework well

Homework here stands for your research work on the topic, way ahead of the session. Knowing the topic from head to toe makes it possible to interact freely during the session, with the speakers by counter questioning them or questioning others or answering queries.

  1. Do not be fake

At the session you must be 100% original. Originality is appreciated at all times and it is one of the best virtues that a person can have. If you are true to yourself you will b able to make the right choices at a conference session. This in turn will have a overall impact on your wellbeing professionally.

  1. Be approachable

Being approachable will allow people to come up to you and share their thoughts, this in turn is sure to increase your position professionally and will also help you make more contacts in just a single chance. If you are approachable, people will accept your dominance more readily than someone who is egoistic and snobbish.

  1. Stick to your point

You must surely stick to the point you think is right and also put it across to the other at the right time in the right way. If you are confident about what you are saying people can’t help but notice. And if you stick to your point they will have faith in you and believe in what you have to say. Knowing what you have to say makes things clearer for you. Do not sway from one point to the other, stick to your opinion. Show your wisdom while putting across your point and this will make people believe in the point you have raised. Have an impactful introduction and a conclusion to what you are saying, making it easier for the others to comprehend.

  1. Speak Fluently

If you speak fluently, the audience will be assured that you know what you are saying and thus they will have no reason to not accept your point. There must be no confusion in your mind when you are speaking and the point must be put in front of the others in a very simple and lucid form however tricky and complicated it might be. So remember that at all times. Repeat the things you want to say, in your mind once before you speak it out.

  1. Know the people around you

If you form a professional bond with the people around you attending the conference there is absolutely no reason for them to protest. They will believe you anyway all you have to do is be confident and look confident as well. If you have faith in yourself people can depend on you, accept your dominance at a conference session and believe in what you have to say.

All these points along with a couple of others will allow you to take the lead in any conference session, no matter what the topic of discussion is or how many people are attending it. You just have to be smart, wise and confident to make your mark and stand out from the rest.

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