How to Write a Successful University Application

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researchAfter years of study and preparation, it is finally TIME. Time to apply for university and take the next big step in your academic career and preparation for life!

The university you choose (OR rather the university that chooses to accept YOU) will determine your quality of education and the surrounding students that you will share this experience with. Both are extremely important in establishing a strong foundation for opportunity and growth in the future.

Thus, it is vital that you write a successful university application to achieve access to the university of YOUR choice so that you have the opportunity to create the life you dream of.

Sound important? It is.

There are several factors which create a glowing and successful university application. Let’s briefly review those and add a secret weapon to your defense.

First of all, your resume is highly important. Your academic transcript / resume needs to be thorough and accurate. All those years of study are now up for intense review. Highlight your strengths while becoming prepared to accept any challenges you have faced over the years. Simply create a positive defense so that you are prepared for the university application interview.

Secondly, create a complete and comprehensive list of all your community and volunteer work. Include any and all volunteer work, social organizations, clubs, etc. Anything that shows your connection to the world. Show that you care and you contribute back.

Thirdly, make a comprehensive list of all of your extra-curricular activities. Any sports, clubs, activities that you have participated in, such as music, theatre, chess, football, computer programming, gardening, etc. Even if these are independent activities, list them to show your diverse range of interests.

Fourth, highlight your leadership and skills within all these items. If you served as an officer in a club or managed the football team, then it is vital to include that information. Also, elaborate on the skills you gained or used during your participation. Include such important descriptions as “organized and developed,” “managed,” “developed,” “created,” “designed,” “participated,” “coordinated,” “assisted,” “promoted,” “gained insight,” “learned,” and such.

Don’t just list passively the activity. Bring it to life! Describe and elaborate on the value of what you gained from it.

Fifth, use all this information to create an amazing essay for your application. This is where you need to tell them all about yourself, your experience, your desires and your passions. Connect the dots of what you know and have done to where you are and what you want to become. Don’t be shy. This is the time to be positive, confident and assertive while talking about yourself in-depth.

Lastly, once you have organized your application and written your application you need to have it professional reviewed and edited. Friends and teachers may offer to do this for you. However, be aware that they will not be as critical and neutral as you need to compete on the highest level. Therefore, we highly recommend that you have a professional academic editor review your entire university application, critique your cover letter and proofread your essay. For just pennies per word, you will get an in-depth critique of your submission that will include correcting your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Additionally, they will ensure your writing is clear and firmly supported by the facts which you provide. After all these hard years of work, don’t overlook the details. Let a professional editor take the stress off your shoulders and give you the reassurance that everything is truly “in order” before you submit to the university of your choice.

In conclusion, include your transcript, community/volunteer work, extra-curricular activities, highlight your skills from all these efforts, include them in your essay and have it all professionally reviewed by an academic editor before submission. If you follow this short checklist, your submission will shine! Congratulations and good luck!

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