Why choose Southampton University

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If you’re a student looking for a decent university, Southampton University should be right near the top – if not at the top – of your list.

As one of the nicest cities in the country,  Southampton balances all the best in life one would look for :-

  • Great climate – consistently the best weather on the mainland – just ask the sailors!
  • Terrific transport connections – by air, sea, rail or road
  • Thriving entertainment scene – ideal for foodies, music lovers, art buffs and everyone
  • Shopping, sports, seaside – Southampton has it all!

What’s more, Southampton University consistently receives high praise for its academic achievements and exceptional staff and standards of student welfare and care. Of course, students visit Southampton University to learn and graduate, but it helps if it’s a nice, friendly place too.

Another great reason why choose Southampton University

Student accommodation In perfect accompaniment to all the positives Southampton University life can offer you, student accommodation is of an exceptionally high standard.

Southampton student accommodation providers such as Unilife endeavour to deliver best in class options for all students.

Whatever a student may be looking for from student accommodation at Southampton University, rest assured it can be provided.

For example, students in relationships often struggle with accommodation. Most halls of residence and student accommodation providers have strict rules that couples may only live together if both are students at the same university.

However, at Southampton University, they offer student accommodation even if only one of a couple is a student – which makes students instantly more relaxed and settled in their choice of university.


As a student, the last thing you want is for your accommodation to be too far away – either from the city, the sights, nightlife or the university. Being only a few  minutes walk away from the heart of Southampton, students can be assured they won’t miss any of the action whilst balancing convenience with terrific accommodation.

Simple inclusive billing

It often seems that students never seem to have enough money, so it’s important to have full visibility of all bills in any student accommodation. With all inclusive billing, there’s no nasty surprises about finding funds for electricity, internet, water or heating.

Even insurance is also included, so all domestic costs can be clearly budgeted for by students.

Range of accommodation

Students look for different things in accommodation, some prefer their ‘own space’ whilst others may prefer the more social aspect of shared accommodation. By providing a range of student accommodation such as private studios or Twodios, where two students can share in Standard (shared bathroom) or Premium (individual en-suite bathroom), Unilife again provides a solution for any student accommodation needs at Southampton University.

Parking can also be provided with VIP suites, and a range of sizes and types of studios are available in Standard, Premium, Premium Plus, Luxury and Luxury Plus.

Conclusion: why choose Southampton University? Why not?

With all of these tremendous reasons to choose Southampton University, it should be relatively simple to see why. More difficult in fact, is choosing a reason why not….

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