What should be your preparation strategy for Prelims?

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Want to clear IAS Prelims? What’s your preparation strategy? Are you still thinking of becoming an IAS officer? You know what; mere thinking will not take you anywhere. Instead, working on your first plan will boost up your journey towards your career goal. Yes, here we are talking about the UPSC Prelims which are about to hold in June, 2018.

UPSC conducts the Civil Services Exam every year in which millions of students try their luck. UPSC Prelims is the very first and important stage to pace up your first step towards the pursuit of an IAS officer. In UPSC Prelims, aspirant’s general mental ability and basic numeracy skills are being tested. Overall, a student’s ability is tested on the grounds of logical and reasoning ability, interpersonal skills, problem solving, English comprehension and decision making ability.

Undoubtedly, you must be working hard to clear the exam. But, it’s the time to move to smarter approach. Since, you have only a few months left for IAS Prelims, it’s time to brush up your skills.

Be ready for rejection

Rejection is not at all good. But, you have to accept this bitter truth of UPSC Prelims. It is the stage which is known for its rejection and not for selection. It’s known for its brutal criteria which discard off those large numbers of candidates who failed to fit in the selection criteria.

So, what’s your plan of action?

As I told earlier, mere thinking of being an IAS officer will not get you the success. You have to prepare your first plan of action. Set out a goal and format your action plan in order to achieve that goal. Always remember that IAS Prelims is a knowledge based exam. Your academic skill as well as analytical, observational, interpretations and general awareness skills are judged throughout the exam. Thus, you have to think big and should not be confined to one or two subjects only.

You have to cover all the subjects. The IAS Prelims exam contains questions from all the fields. You have to start early to cover up every subject. It’s not necessary that you study for 17-18 hours a day. Instead, a well-planned study of 7-8 hours can get you the desired outcome.

So, keep aside the myth of burning the midnight oil and follow proper planning, guidance and consistency throughout your preparation tenure.  

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Check out the important points before appearing for IAS Prelims.

Here are a few points, which you need to consider before beginning with the IAS Prelims 2018 preparation.

  • The IAS Prelims exam paper comes in multiple choice questions format, i.e. carrying objective type questions.
  • Remember, there is negative marking in the Prelims exam. For every wrong answer, students are charged with 33% of their marks. However, the questions related to decision making and problem solving sections are devoid of such negative marking.
  • Students are bound to appear for both the papers of IAS Prelims, i.e. GS and CSAT.
  • Blind applicants are allowed with extra time of 20 minutes to complete each paper.

Follow some useful preparation techniques

Those who are worried for their IAS Prelims exam preparation and thinking about ‘how to start preparing for IAS Prelims’ can apply the below mentioned techniques for better results.

Get updated with the UPSC syllabus. It’s the foremost step that you can’t give a miss. You must read out the syllabus thoroughly and better, if you stick on to your wall. By keeping knowledge of the syllabus, you will remain aware of what all you need to cover to meet the demand of the IAS Prelims exam.

Make a wise choice with the optional subject. Always choose the optional subject wisely. Many students make the mistake of choosing scoring subject as optional. It’s a myth that an optional is scoring or non-scoring. You have to choose the subject based on your interest and academic background. It is always advised to pick the subject after taking suggestions from experts. You can take the help of someone who had cleared the exam or someone who had sound knowledge about the IAS field.

Always learn what is relevant. This is what is recommended by most experts. Learn whatever is relevant according to the IAS Prelims exam. To know what the relevant topics are, you can take guidance from a trusted source. A concise approach will take you towards your career goal.

Stay updated with the current affairs. Be updated with the current happenings and events in the country with the help of newspapers. Make a habit to read the relevant sections of the newspapers to get a complete insight of what all is happening in the country.

Familiarize with the IAS Prelims exam pattern and question format. Once you are accustomed with your study plan, you need to step ahead and familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and question format. Analyze previous years’ question papers to have a complete idea. Try to solve out the papers within the stipulated time frame to know your current stand.

Revision is the key to success. Lastly, you should revise the notes periodically. A quick revision on the exam day will keep you aware of the main points. Revise the syllabus frequently and you can easily clear the IAS Prelims exam.

While preparing the preparation strategy, you can take the advices of experts from the top IAS coaching institute in Delhi. The experts will provide you a deep insight of what efforts are required to clear the foggy clouds from your career goal.

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