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Wewon environmental chamber is a better environmental chambers manufacturer than China other supplier. Because Wewon is the only certificated supplier from China on the Global Environmental Test Chambers Sale Market Report 2017. There has many customers from 28 different countries bought environmental chambers from Wewon in the past 10 years.

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer and provide environmental chambers, environmental test chambers, climatic chambers, xenon test chamber, walk in chamber ¡­ for abroad partners many years!

Wewon Environmental Chambers has a highly qualified, highly skilled workforce and owns a provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center with four senior engineers, six cooling sytem engineers, a total of sixteen scientific and technological personnel specializing in electronic & cooling technology, software development, mechanical design, standardization and various other fields.

  1. Advantages: Wewon made these environmental chambers according to the Russian army standard. Choose the excellent US imported stainless steel to manufacture the inner shelf, the material with 2.0 mm thickness which can afford 40 kilos samples on this shelf! The occupation standard is 8-10 kilos for shelf, But Wewon make it afford 40~ 50 kilos!
  2. Advantages: Wewon Tech use the TEMI 2500 as the controller instead of the Chinese controller. This type controller created by peninsula manufacturer that costlier however international. The TEMI 2500 cost around US $ 1150- US $ 1250 dollar for each one, But the Chinese controller mostly has 50% cost cheaper.
  3. Advantages: Wewon have a tendency to use the wonderful USA stainless-steel to create this inner test room. Then you can see that everything is bright and light. Wewon’s price more cash to create it keep powerful and bright with higher quality normal clearly!

Welcome To Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. With 18-plus years of experience, Wewon Environmental Chambers is a professional manufacturer of high-performance environmental chamber, Walk-in chamber, xenon test chamber, ozone test chamber, vibration test systems.

Before the Environmental Chambers going to the market, it is critical for manufacturer to locate product flaws before their product reaches the market. By testing your product in associate environmental chamber you can:

  • Reduce Product Development Time
  • Increase Customer Confidence
  • Ensure Product Quality Reliability
  • Forecast & Life Expectancy
  • Increase Profitability
  • Reduce the After Sales Services

Thanks for sending your enquiry directly to WEWON. We appreciate you kindness and try our best to give you a best service/ support for sure!

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Tel.: +86 136 9497 2540

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Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.

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