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I don’t know about you folks but I simply love thrillers! The fast paced plot with numerous action sequences, ticking deadline, a smart antagonist can really stimulate the adrenaline in my blood. From my childhood, I have this inclination to drive deep into the plot of any stories that I read. Whenever I get my hands on a good thriller, I just forget about everything else but the development of that story. I just get enchanted by the suspense with a sharp, clever, witty, and hard to catch desperado.

Well, who doesn’t love the idea of a protagonist upholding the justice for his people and land? Serial killing, assassination, jeopardy, terrorism, violence and other awe-inspiring sequences can set the mood for a breathtaking experience.  I used to have this vague and false sense of putting both thriller and mystery in the same category. However, in the fullness of time and after reading hundreds of thrillers and mysteries, now I can clearly distinguish the difference between thriller and mystery.

Dan Brown, James Patterson, Ian Rankin, Peter James, Tom Clancy, Thomas Harris can really make your day with their spectacular creations. The plot revolving around an intriguing confrontation, going back and forth to narrate regarding the overview of the plot, a lot of details, characters and their emotions, the circumstances and other interesting facts and trivia can take you to the imaginative world of the author. The cliff-hanging state of affairs, damsel in distress, riddles, undetectable antagonist, intimidation, overthrowing Governments within a limited timeframe can take the readers to the journey of a poignant roller coaster.

In addition to the famous and well-established writers, I often find myself looking for up and starting writers with their creativity and innovation. And Amazon and Kindle bookstore is my go to place for my writer searching endeavor. I have read a series of suspense thrillers from the Kindle ebook collection. Usually, I go with the plot and other reviews.

Recently, I read a book titled ‘Zaza Zilda – The Bloody Foreigner’ by Ka Sefika. I never heard of her before and this was the first time I gave her creation a try. The story revolved around an immigrant girl who faced severe setbacks soon after her arrival in London, England. She has no friends, family, or even acquaintances in London.

She is a terrified girl who came to London with the hope of a simple life. However, London wasn’t exactly what she looked forward to. Her London-dreams was shattered by the sheer racism brought upon as a result of various political issues. She accidentally witnessed a murder and got threatened to send back if she goes to the police. The fictional story moves on with her sufferings and struggles in the search for a normal life.

I was thoroughly dumbfounded when I saw the image of David Cameron on the cover of the book. And to tell you the truth, that’s how I got interested in this composition. While reading the book, I got to familiarize myself with the perspective of the author regarding the policies of David Cameron contrary to the political and socio-economic aspects of England as a whole. Ka Sefika was pretty good in detailing the setting, the characters and their relationships to the surroundings.

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