UK hospitality jobs on the increase

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Jobs in the hospitality industry can be challenging and rewarding in equal measure. They also have the potential to be lucrative. It is no surprise then that many people opt to take advantage of hotel management courses in London and other locations around the country.

Now may be the ideal time to sign up to hospitality management courses UK. After all, it seems as though conditions within the sector are on the up.

According to research conducted by People 1st and, the number of hospitality jobs is up seven per cent on last year and 38 per cent on 2009. The latest Hospitality Employment Index report also revealed that competition for roles is intense. The average number of people applying for each job in the sector is 21. This is up from 19 last year and 15 in 2010

Responding to the findings, chief executive of People 1st Brian Wisdom said: “Job advertisements are rising and strong job competition remains, suggesting that the hospitality industry is continuing to attract people. However, behind everything there is an underlying need to both attract the right people to the industry and then ensure they are incentivised to stay.”

Meanwhile,’s Ian Burke remarked: “As the hospitality market is highly competitive, creating a strong brand experience enables companies to differentiate themselves. Customers have increasingly come to expect this unique brand experience and naturally, this has changed employer’s recruitment attitudes and tactics. Forward thinking employers now look to recruit brand ambassadors – people who embody the feel and ethos of the company from day one and then go on to grow through focused training.”

In order to stand out in a highly competitive employment market, people need to make sure their skills, experience and CVs hit the mark. To help ensure this is the case, individuals may benefit from taking advantage of hospitality management courses London and elsewhere.

Such training programmes can dramatically boost people’s knowledge and abilities, and they also demonstrate that individuals are serious about a career in the field.

For the best results, it is imperative that individuals select suitable courses. Luckily, there are now plenty to choose from and, as long as people do their research and make sure the training programmes meet all of their needs and expectations, they stand to reap significant rewards.

Of course, it is also vital that students put in the necessary effort to achieve good results. While this can involve plenty of hard work, it should be more than worthwhile in the long run.

Increasingly, people are heading online to research their options when it comes to hospitality courses. This is a quick and convenient means of getting the facts. They can take a look at the various training programmes of offer and get to grips with the content of these courses. In addition, they can get the low down on the towns and cities in which the courses are staged. This helps ensure they are able to hit the ground running when they arrive at the destinations.

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