What Should Go In the Typical P.E. Bag?

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Nowadays, lockers in schools seem to be a thing of the past. With schools looking to take advantage of all of their available space and convert it into classrooms, many of the lockers that once donned the school corridors a couple of decades are are starting to disappear. Unfortunately, this means that the modern-day pupil has to pack much more efficiently – and this can start with the P.E. bag. We’ll now take a look at some of the essentials that are often forgotten about, but ultimately need to be squeezed in…

Footwear container

You may have bought the latest sports trainers, but unfortunately the investment doesn’t stop there. These trainers are not going to stay in tip-top condition and after a gruelling, but muddy, cross-country jog – the last thing you want is them to make the rest of your kit even filthier. Therefore, take to the sports shop and purchase a decent boot bag. It has to be slender enough to fit in your main bag, but still large enough to facilitate your existing footwear. If you’re looking for more stylish options to your P.E. uniform, then consider visiting Sportswear International for a range of school sportswear.

Water bottles

Also make room for that water bottle. You might have a water fountain at school and if you’re happy drinking from this and it’s always available, then that’s fine. If however, you prefer to drink from your own bottle, or you don’t have many opportunities to rehydrate yourself, then you should really think about buying a sports bottle. Specially designed water bottles are better than opting for a cheap plastic one – they won’t leak in your bag and are quick and easy to open and close.


Other items to consider packing really depend on your gender. We know what you’re thinking, it sounds a little sexist, but it’s true. Girls have separate requirements to boys. There is one thing that both would do well to include in their kit and that’s a comb or brush. Even if you’re a boy you need to comb your hair after taking a shower. They don’t really take up too much space but they can get lost in your bag quite easily, so keep them in one of the compartments in your bag for easy access. Girls should opt for a type of brush that isn’t too large. Hair bands are also a good accessory to keep in your bag, as they tend to get lost quite easily, so keeping a few backups is always a good idea.

Pack light

That covers pretty much everything ‘out of the ordinary’ you’ll probably need in your bag. Don’t overdo it though, you don’t want to pack too many things as you’ll probably only use a small percentage of them and it all adds up in terms of weight. The last thing you want is to end up carrying around a huge bag all day during school – your back will eventually cave in. Just try and think of the essentials you’ll need and think of extras and replacements. That’s all you really need when it comes to packing for P.E. Oh, and don’t forget to have fun too!

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