Trouble-free Dorm Room Cleaning

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College offers a great deal of opportunities – meeting new friends, participating in exciting classes, lots of parties and fun, when you have time for it of course. But aside from all of that, there are also many responsibilities and things you have to consider. One such is living with a roommate and sharing a dorm room with someone else. It is quite important to establish certain rules, in order to ensure problem-free relations and sharing of the room.

You and your roommate should be clear on one thing right from the start: home cleaning. It is possible for this to become a problem, as people have different standards for what is acceptable and what isn’t. This is why it is so vital to establish rules and agreements that you all stick to. This will ensure that cleaning service is not neglected and that chores are divided evenly among everyone involved in maintaining the dorm room clean and in order. Consider the following strategies on how to deal with domestic cleaning and pick one that is most suitable for your case.

  • Hire a professional cleaning company – this is a good alternative if both you and your roommate simply have no time to deal with cleaning. Instead, you can share the fee and book the service of professional carpet cleaners Hampstead who can come at a time that is convenient for you. That way you won’t have to do any of the cleaning-related tasks and can simply wait while the cleaners do all the work.
  • Clean the room together – when chores add up, it makes perfect sense to join forces for as long as it is needed and do some serious home cleaning with your roommate. This is a very fair approach that certainly has its benefits. The work is divided evenly and everyone does their fair share. Besides, working together, as a team, means that everything is a lot easier than if you are doing it on your own. This method is particularly good when there is a mess in your dorm room and the amount of work is too much for a single person to tackle alone.
  • Clean according to a schedule – if you and your roommate can agree on a cleaning schedule, then definitely consider implementing this plan. This way you know exactly when you have to spend some time doing your cleaning service and so you can prepare for it appropriately with enough free time and cleaning supplies. Keep in mind following the schedule should be strict and it may require some flexibility.
  • Everyone cleans their own – undoubtedly this is the fairest approach to home cleaning when it comes to sharing a dorm room or any other accommodation for that matter. You and your roommate can focus on cleaning your own messes. But do consider that some areas require cleaning service even if you make sure you leave no mess behind. Such areas include bathroom and kitchen, i.e. the places all of you regularly visit. It is inevitable – from time to time these areas will have to be cleaned.

All of these methods have strong and weak points. Do consider that communication is key to finding a mutually pleasing agreement and ensuring there is no conflict between you and your roommate when it comes to cleaning. Find more information on our website.

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