Top 3 free Webinar Tools

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Before talking about the different webinar software free to use, I would like to discuss what webinar actually is. After that, I will provide you guys with different options you can opt if you are searching the free webinar tools that fulfil your requirements on the basis of the webinar software comparison.

The webinar is the combination of two words; web and seminar. It can be defined in a better way as, the seminars or events held over the internet and attended by the audience that is not present at one place rather they attend it online. They may be sitting at their home in any part of the country or the world and able to attend the conference and seminar through the internet just by having a good webinar software.

There are many free webinar tools that can be downloaded and used for the educational purpose, professional purpose, and entertainment or for media. Some of these software are Big Blue Button, Google Hangouts, Join Me, Mikogo, etc. Let’s find out the best features through webinar software comparison.

Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button is a free webinar software built and explicitly used for the higher education purpose. This is the best quality web conferencing software that is used by the educational institutes to deliver the information to their students sitting in the remote locations. Big Blue Button provides you with the regular updates that indicate that the developers of this software do not lack behind and they try to make the software updated with the latest technologies and the new improvements it requires.

So, all the students out there and the educational staff, this would be the best option for you to opt if you need the best and free webinar tool.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts, a well-known and a common app that has been used by the friends, colleagues, customers, and peers. It is famous among them all to get connected with each other. This app is built by the most powerful company Google. It is easy to use the app, and it provides a reliable and good quality video chat session within a group. Participants have the easy option to join the hangout session or leave it at any time.

For the people who like to communicate with friends or colleagues in groups should opt for this option and be a part of an awesome hangout session.

Join Me

Join Me is not as up to the mark webinar software as other free webinar tools are, but at the cost of nothing, they provide us many services like screen sharing and the option of media and file sharing which are the essentials of webinar tools. The best version of Join me is not for free but provides many other options and services to the clients better than any other competitor.

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