Tips to Ace Class 12 Commerce Exam

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The class 12 board exam marks the end of school life and opens the gate to a greater arena where you step in to pursue an education that matches your desired career. Class 12 exam holds prominence in a student’s life as a deciding factor and a selection factor for different colleges and institutes that can open up new avenues. With this in mind, a common question asked by students is “What are the tips and tricks to score 90+ in class 12 exams?”. This undoubtedly is a great question. Here, in the article, we share a few subject-wise tips and tricks that are going to be useful for class 12 commerce students to score exceptional marks in exams.

Business Studies

Business studies is a highly scoring subject and the only thing that you have to focus on is the presentation of your answers. Firstly, study as per the CBSE syllabus and treat NCERT books as your bible and read the concepts provided in it thoroughly. It is wise to think of some mnemonics as there are multiple points that need to be remembered. A few of the important chapters are the formal and informal organisation, marketing management, delegation and decentralisation, and financial management.


Most importantly, stick to the class 12 economics syllabus while studying. Practise neatly labelled diagrams, previous year papers and CBSE Sample papers during preparation. This helps in time management and also allows you to learn and understand the pattern of questions asked.


Accountancy comprises of a lot of mathematical calculations hence regular practice is a  must. Practise questions from company accounts, cash flow statements and partnership first as they carry 60% weightage in the paper. Prepare a handy formula cheat sheet for every chapter. It is a good hack to see the sheet again and again until you memorize them by heart.

Go through the previous years question papers, CBSE syllabus for class 12 commerce and discover the important questions. Analyze and comprehend the exam pattern, sample papers and more. To know more, stay tuned with BYJU’S.


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