Tips for Students to Ace Their Dream School Admission Test

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Top schools in India are known to make their admission tests not the easiest. And it can be disheartening for both students and their guardians when they cannot get into their targeted schools. But to get into most well-established schools, as is the case for the best schools in Bangalore, you will have to sit through an admission test, a physical interview and if lucky an online assessment. So here’s a guide to help you through this worrisome process.

What are Subjects Covered in Secondary School Admission Tests?

Depending on the grade you are in, your standard of the admission test will vary in difficulty. But the common grounds in most admission tests for secondary schools are common – English Grammar and Comprehension, Basics of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics to test your analytical skills. Other general information on the social sciences such as history and geography will come in handy during the test. And if you are sitting for an admission test in class IX or XI, you might be expected to answer questions targeted to computer, commerce, or accountancy-related questions. Remember to relax, no secondary school admission test will be extremely difficult. Just read up well on the general information on these concerned subjects.

Helpful Tips to Feel Prepared for the Admission Test

Whether you are applying for the best schools in Bangalore or anywhere for that matter, here are a few tips that will aid you for the admission test and help you feel more prepared than worried:

·      A Reading Habit Goes a Long Way

Since English Grammar and Comprehension skills are a significant and compulsory part covered in secondary admission tests, this section will be essentially covered if you have a regular habit of reading. Books, articles, newspapers, blogs online, dedicate a portion of your day. This will not only polish your English writing and reading skills but will also help you retain information on a diverse number of subjects.

·      Proper Time Management

When sitting for admission tests in secondary schools, you are expected to have a good sense of time management. Any kind of test requires you to timely finish answering your questions. Similarly, when preparing for admission tests, take mock tests and time yourself. Keep taking them till you are finished on time if not before.

·      Can You Adjust With Your Classmates?

A common criterion for the best schools in Bangalore, and around India is to assess if the applying student can fit in with their classmates. For instance, a student of class VII will be aware of the subjects covered in their previous years. Similarly, when sitting for an admission test you will come across questions that a student of your age will be expected to know. You can focus your preparation on the concerning curriculum. Such as when applying for CBSE schools you can polish up on the syllabi covered by their curriculum, according to the concerned class.

·      Practice Makes a Student Perfect

Without practice, all you will have in an admission test are shaky nerves and a blank mind. There are many quizzes and mock tests you’ll come across online on concerned subjects, for concerned classes, and more. If they do not have a timer, make sure to time yourself. And keep practicing till the last day before taking the admission test and you’ll be good to go!


Hopefully, these tips help you prepare well for your admission test. Good luck!


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