Tips to Crack IBPS PO Quant Prelims

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Banks are the backbone of every country. Since backbone is the strongest part of human body, in the same way banks are the strongest part of economy. These days, banks are growing at a fast pace and have become huge source of employment.

Career in banking has tremendous chances of promotions with wonderful salary packages. Stress free environment with free tours and chances of working abroad comes handy when you are associated with bank. So it is very important to choose right process and admission test for this.

IBPS is correct answer when it comes to take admission test for banking. IBPS or institute of banking personnel selection is one of the major personnel selection test conducting agency of India providing jobs in nationalized banks to lakhs and thousands of people via its admission test.

IBPS PO is online entrance exams which selects candidates for training and then placement under this in reputed banks.

IBPS PO aspirant must prepare for the exam thoroughly for good result.

Let us talk about the IBPS PO exam in detail.

IBPS PO- exam pattern:

IBPS PO question paper is divided into three sections. They are:

  1. Reasoning ability: this section helps in checking the reasoning ability of candidate. It mainly covers topics like Analogy, Coding & decoding, Critical Reasoning and Data Sufficiency, Directions & Arrangements, Sequential Output Tracing, Syllogism, Visual & Logical Reasoning, Puzzle & Blood Relation, Input Output & Number series, Series Completion, Statement & Argument, Passage & conclusion, Order & ranking etc.
  2. Quantitative aptitude: This section is considered to be the toughest section in the whole IBPS PO exam. It covers topics like Number System, Ranking & Time Sequence, Clocks and Calendars, Alphabet Test & Mathematical Operations, Boats and Streams, Roots and Average, Percentage & Partnership and many more.
  3. English language: this is the simplest section in the IBPS PO exam. It is used to test the general English of the candidate. Topics like Close Passages, Faulty Construction, Jumbled Sentences, Reading Comprehension, Synonyms & Antonyms, Spotting Errors are covered under this.

Each section contributes 30- 35 questions with maximum marks be 100.

Quantitative section: this is considered to be the toughest section because here the candidate has to play with numbers and calculation. If you are good at it, you can solve all the questions within the fraction of seconds. But if you are not friendly with numbers, then only this section can consume your whole time.

So it is very important to prepare for this particular section thoroughly, if you want to convert your dream into reality.

Let us discuss some of the tips to crack this particular section.

Major tips for quant section:

Quant section needs extra efforts than other sections in most of the cases. Some of the tips to crack quant section in IBPS PO in the given time are mentioned below:

  1. Assess your performance by taking a mock test before starting IBPS PO preparation. It gives a rough idea on where you need to work more.
  2. First preference is the concepts. Devote your maximum time in practicing the concepts. It will help in building a strong base. Stronger the concepts are, less is the time taken to solve questions.
  3. Give proper time to the topics you are weak at. Strengthen those topics which consume your time like data interpretation.
  4. Sample papers are one of the best way to prepare. Take online IBPS PO mock tests and solve previous years’ question papers to boost your confidence.
  5. Prepare a strategy for the exam day on how to attempt the exam.
  6. Prepare an extra notebook of only shortcuts, tips and tricks to help yourself when it comes to quick reading.

Tips for the exam day:

Candidate must use some tricks on the day of exam to opt the exam smartly. Following can come in handy to the candidate:

  1. Allot time: this is the first thing you should do when question paper is given to you. Allot each section particular time and try to work accordingly that time limit.
  2. Read the questions: mostly students commit this mistake of not reading the question properly. Nothing is more dangerous than the half read questions in the paper. So read each question properly.
  3. Prioritize: categorize your questions in easy, medium and difficult. Attempt those questions at first which are easy according to you. Do not touch those questions in the first place which you think are time consuming.
  4. Never guess: if you are confused at some question, never guess. Remember that negative marking is also there. So your every wrong guess can cost you heavily. Only predict those questions which have more chances of accuracy.
  5. Avoid risky shortcuts: if you have learnt some shortcuts for the fast calculation of numbers, then use them properly. But avoid shortcuts which are a bit risky or you are not sure of.
  6. Keep moving: never stuck at some question. Leave it for the last if you are not able to solve it. Do not spend more than 2 minutes per question. Jump quickly to next questions.

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