Things to remember when planning coursework

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Coursework is a piece of writing that demonstrates the academic competence of individual students and facilitates an environment away from a pressurised examination context. The large provision of time is one reason that coursework calls for high levels of professionalism. If you want to be successful at coursework you need to think carefully about data gathering, essay writer skills, research and careful planning. You might also want to think about what support mechanisms are out there to assist you with your studies such as assignment writers UK.

When does planning start?

Some elements of planning commence when the list of questions is escalated to choose from. Most likely, you already do some preliminary planning when considering which essay question to choose. You may consider: what do I already know about this topic? Which question am I most interested in? Which question do I already have relevant sources for? What do I think this question wants me to talk about?

Ideally, you want to begin working on your coursework as soon as it is given to you. Not only then does this give you enough time to work on it, but it enables the information you have been given to stay fresh in your mind.

How do I approach the question?

To be a competent essay writer, it is important to break down the question into manageable chunks. This can help you think about the main topics and terms you need to write about and subsequently, the information you need to clarify prior to beginning your reading in-depth.

It may be necessary to begin with a very general plan simply outlining two or three key sections of the essay.

Top Tip: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! If you do not prepare for an academic piece of writing, you are guaranteed to set yourself up for disappointment. Make sure you allow plenty of time for all assignments you undertake and prepare thoroughly in order to produce superior results!

How do I make sure I sustain engagement in the assignment?

When embarking on a written piece of academic writing it is vital that you pick a topic that you are interested in and preferably already have some prior knowledge about. This will increase your motivation and enthusiasm making your coursework more enjoyable.

Another way to maintain interest in the topic is to understand and fully embrace the concept of critical thinking. This means understanding that authors have an agenda and are trying to convince you of a specific argument. You need to think carefully about these arguments and regard with some scepticism, then counter these arguments with alternative ways of thinking supported by academic literature. This way of thinking is what will get you those really good grades!


To be a good essay writer, you must ensure that you plan effectively in order to avoid disappointment. If you need help with writing your essay, then assignment writers UK provide a wealth of support to help you achieve the grades you need to pursue a successful career.

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