Things To Remember When Inspecting Commercial Playground Equipment For Safety

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A playground is a place for children to have and enjoy being outside with their friends. This is the best time for them to release all their energy while also enjoying the fresh outdoor air. While it is great to see children enjoy commercial playground equipment during playtime, there are many instances where serious accidents occur. As a parent or guardian, it is a must to inspect the equipment for safety before allowing the little tykes to play.

Here’s a quick guide to help you inspect the playground to ensure your child’s safety and well-being:

Check For Environmental Hazards

Aside from the playground equipment itself it is also highly recommended to check the surrounding area for any hazards or danger. For one, the playground should be located in an area away from cars and modes of transportation. This will ensure that the children are kept away from any danger, even if they step away from the play area for a few minutes.

Check For Unobstructed Location

The playground equipment must also be installed in an area that has ample shade but does not obstruct the view of the parents and guardians looking after their children. This is the best way to keep an eye on the children while playing and also detecting any accidents or unwanted people in the area.

Routine Cleaning And Sanitation

Children touch the commercial playground equipment all the time. They also tend to put their hands inside their mouth, even if they have not yet washed their hands. Before allowing children to play and frolic in the playground, make sure to enquire about the cleaning and sanitation program of the area.

Diseases can easily be spread in a playground, but they can also be prevented if the area and the equipment are properly cleaned. While it is not a law for parks to sanitize the play area, these should be cleaned on a regular basis for everyone’s safety.

Routine Repairs

The playground might have been clean and safe when it was first opened to the public, but with constant wear and tear, plus the harsh environmental factors some parts will start to fray and wither. Inspect the different areas of the playground and make a note on which parts need immediate repairs.

Such things like a broken jungle gym bar, a sharp edge on the slide, or a swing chain that has come loose are safety hazards and should be repaired at once. Notify those in charge about these hazards to ensure no child or adult gets injured while they are enjoying their time on the playground.

Invest In Quality Playground Equipment

The best way to ensure everyone’s safety, especially the safety of children is to invest in high-quality playground equipment that meets all the safety standards. By prioritizing quality, the risk of safety and health issues becomes less of a problem and concern. As long as upkeep and maintenance remain regular, quality equipment for playgrounds will last a good amount of time, even when they are used on a daily basis.

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