Things to do When Hosting Students

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As the world becomes figuratively smaller there is an increase in the number of people learning a foreign language.  Many people visit America in order to learn English and gain a better understanding of the largest economy in the world and all the cultural revelations which frequently accompany this. The result of this is an increase in the number of people who are hosting these foreign students.  Most ghosting firms are constantly on the lookout for new host families.  There are financial rewards to assist with the cost of feeding and providing for an extra mouth or two.  In general you can only have two students per room and the school will generally place ones from different nationalities to ensure English is spoken.

GP Homestay is based in Massachusetts and is CSIET approved which shows their commitment to looking after every student which comes through their doors.  If you are in this area then this should be your first port of call.  If you are located elsewhere you should look for a similarly approved school near you.

To ensure your experiences hosting students are good it is essential to follow these guidelines:


At the very start be clear to the school regarding which types of student you are prepared to accept.  Whilst this may limit the number you get it will make it easier to deal with the new arrivals into your home.  You can always expand your choices, or even contract them later.  The first few students are the most difficult as you adapt to fitting in with an extra person and sharing your home.


You must have clearly defined rules regarding what you believe is acceptable and what you behavior you expect from your student (s).  These should be written down but will be personal; they may cover curfew, meal times or who they can invite back.  It is advisable to go through these rules shortly after they arrive.  Not only does it break the ice it allows the student to know what is required of them.  They can also advise you of any special needs.

Eating Together

Meal times are one of the best times to chat and learn a little about your guest.  In addition this is an excellent time for them to practice what they have learnt.  You should encourage them to tell you about their day and ask questions.  The more they speak the better they will get and their confidence will increase.


Most schools will arrange activities for the students.  However you may find that they have free time at the weekends.  This can be a good opportunity for them to catch up with friends.  However, it can also be a good opportunity for you to show them the sites, get to know them better and help them to practice.  Whilst it is best not to go over the top on the activities you plan it is a good idea to make sure they spend some time with the family; it will be beneficial to everyone.

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