The Tests Required Before Becoming a Nurse

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Becoming a nurse is a dream job for many people, and it is understandable why. It is a great profession, where you get to see so much great medical work completed. For those who may not have the propensity or the finances to complete medical school, nursing offers a fantastic entry into the healthcare industry. It is a job that will always be present, which means security for nurses. But most importantly, you know that you are helping people and doing vital work each day. But what types of tests are required for a nurse to pass before they can start working?

The NCLEX-PN Examination

Every state in America will have its own set of requirements, however some exams are mandatory in each state. The NCLEX examinations are an example – with the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN being two examples. Becoming a practical nurse is not an easy journey, and the NCLEX-PN National Council Licensure Examination will test your ability to perform the tasks and retain the information that will be most useful at your job.

The types of topics that are tested in the exam include how to maintain a safe and effective care environment, health promotion and maintenance, psychosocial and physiological integrity. For instance, things such as basic care and comfort, reduction of risk potential and pharmacological therapies are all tested.

Understanding the NCLEX-PN Exam

The first step towards acing any examination is making sure that you are fully immersed in the material. There are no short cuts when it comes to nursing. You either know the information, or you do not. Whether it means taking a course, or studying on your own time, you will have to put in the work. However, the examination can get very specific, and it is hard for any person to study every topic that could possibly be tested in relation to being a practical nurse. That is why understanding the exam is so important.

One tool that helps students ace the exam is looking out for NCLEX-PN questions from past exams. While there are plenty of online sources where you can find NCLEX-PN questions from a few years ago, those may not be so useful. The exam is usually updated every year, which means the NCLEX-PN questions 2017 will be the most useful. And only a handful of sites, such as, offer test takers the opportunity to access those questions.

Looking at sample questions will help immensely, and ITExams has thousands of real questions from recent exams that you can check out. Most of them are available for free, along with the answers. And the best part is that you can even see the methods that other people used to arrive at certain answers, because contentious questions have a discussion feature on the same page. You can see what everyone is saying about the question, and what consensus they are reaching. This will really help as it will help you understand the most complicated topics that could come up on your NCLEX-PN exam. You will have a much easier time getting a passing grade with this studying method.

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