Reasons why you should Chooses Data Science as a Career

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Data science is considered among the most lucrative careers. In fact, according to Glassdoor, data science has been chosen as the best job in America for three consecutive years. The demand for data science continues to scale up, and this has forced both small and big companies to find data scientists who can understand and synthesize data, and then communicate the findings in a way that is beneficial to the company.

Choosing Data Science Careers: From Fragmentation to Necessity has many benefits. The following are some of the reasons why you should choose data science as a career.

  1. There is high demand for Analytical professionals

The job opportunities in Big Data management and analytics have tremendously increased over the years. IT professionals who are experienced in Analytics are in high demand because organizations are eager to exploit the Big Data.

This demand has been as a result of the increased number of organizations implementing Analytics, and so they are looking for Data analytics professionals. So this means that a data scientist is highly to get a job even with a few year of experience.

  1. Good salaries

According to an O’Reily data science salary survey, the annual base salary of U.S data scientist is $104,000. Some even put the range between $109,000 and $154,000. The Burtch Works data science salary survey puts the median base salary from $97,000 for level 1 contributors to $152,000 for Level 3 contributors. In addition to the salaries, there are median bonuses that starts at $10,000 for Level 1 contributors.

  1. There is a room for career growth

There is demand for data scientists in all the levels from beginner, Freshers, to manager level. In the IT industry, there are so many changes that middle level manages and professional in all the levels find their career growth stagnant. So if you are looking for a career that you will see some growth, then definitely it is data science.

  1. Work options

When you become a data scientist, you can basically work in anywhere you want in any domain. Apart from the IT industry which mainly hire data scientists, data science professionals can practically work in other industries such as healthcare, marketing, sales, financial services, consulting firms, etc. Data science professionals can also work in government as well the NGOs.

  1. There is no competition

Unlike the other fields which are faced with a high level of competition, data science lacks competition. This is because it is relatively a new field. The experience level between an entry-level data scientist and an expert level is a gap of a few years. This makes it a great opportunity for career growth.

  1. The ease of job hunting

Since data scientists are in high demand and the supply is so limited, many organizations have recruiters who are tasked with the duty of finding these data science professionals. While graduates in other fields have to tarmac for jobs, the data scientists don’t have to pester hiring managers to hire them. In fact, the demand for these professionals is so high that even if you already have a job, recruiters will still try to lure you with a better compensation or even a better benefits package.

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