Everything You Need to Know about a Psychometric Test

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Everybody has heard about psychometric tests, but what are they, really?

If you apply for a position on a graduate scheme with a large number of graduate employers, you likely will be required to take a psychometric test. These tests are frequently used to identify the best candidates during the early stages of the recruitment process.

Like any other type of test, it’s possible to improve the way you perform on a psychometric test simply by being aware of what to expect ahead of time and then practicing to improve your test taking skills. When you prepare for a psychometric test ahead of time, it’s possible to approach the test with confidence, increasing your chances of achieving results that are just as good if not better than other people competing for the same position.

Standardized Testing

Just like the standardized tests students take throughout their academic career, psychometric tests are impersonal and objective. There usually are practice tests you can take ahead of time to improve your skills.

Employers prefer psychometric tests because they compare apples to apples: All candidates are required to answer the same questions, so their strengths can be measured fairly regardless of each individual’s previous academic or professional background.

When Are Psychometric Tests Used?

Psychometric tests are mostly used by graduate employers who are seeking to fill open positions. There are many different tests, although most graduate employers use the most popular psychometric tests so preparing for these will help you with every different type.

Candidates for graduate positions are used during different stages of the recruitment and selection process, such as:

  • When you submit your application online
  • At the time of your first in-person interview
  • Later in the process, such as during a second interview or as part of an assessment protocol.

In some instances, you may be retested later to verify the results of an earlier psychometric test that you have taken during the recruitment and selection process.

Different Types of Psychometric Tests

There are many different types of psychometric tests, but the ones most frequently used by graduate employers are those that test:

  1. Ability
  2. Aptitude
  3. Personality

These may be measured in the same test or some may be combined in multiple tests. Or you may be required to take separate tests for each of these three categories.

Ability Tests

Psychometric tests that measure ability seeks to assess your general or particular skills, as well as your acumen and capability. Ability tests can include:

  • Test that Measure Your Numerical Ability – You may be asked to interpret data, graphs, charts or statistics. Or you could be asked to solve basic arithmetic problems to show your skills and abilities at math.
  • Tests that Measure Your Verbal Reasoning Skills – You may be asked to evaluate arguments or statements in order to see how well you understand written information.
  • Tests that Measure Your Non-Verbal Reasoning Skills – You may be asked to follow diagrammatic information or spot patterns in order to measure your spatial awareness. These type of diagrammatic or abstract reasoning assessments are sometimes called inductive reasoning tests.
  • Tests that Measure Your Logical Reasoning Skills – You may be asked to follow through to a conclusion based on a set of basic facts. Or you may be asked to use your current knowledge or experience to solve a problem. These type of assessments in which you are given information or rules to apply to a situation in order to determine a solution are sometimes called deductive reasoning tests.

Inductive reasoning tests are commonly used by graduate employers when seeking candidates for engineering, science, and information technology positions. These can include technical design and software development jobs.

These inductive reasoning tests often will include multiple choice questions that need to be answered within a pre-determined time. Each question typically will consist of a set of photos or images, each of which may be slightly different than the others. You may be asked to select another photo or image from a set of options in order to complete the series.

Aptitude Tests

These type of psychometric tests asses your ability to learn a new skill that is required for the position for which you are applying. For example, if you are applying for an IT job, you may be asked to take a programming aptitude test. This may be a diagrammatic, inductive reasoning, or abstract reasoning test.

For a finance position, you may be required to take math and verbal reasoning tests in order to assess your ability to deal with the type of information  you would come across in your daily work in this job.

Personality Tests

These assess the way you would behave in different situations and how you usually go about things. The purpose is to measure how you would fit within an organization, especially the culture of the company to which you are applying.

When taking psychometric tests, preparation is everything. Don’t try to outwit or outsmart the test while you are taking it. Instead, prepare for the test by studying and taking practice tests in order to boost your confidence level.

Author Bio – This article is written by Anita Patturajan on behalf of Career Quest and is a Director of Advantique Business Consulting Pvt Ltd, India’s leading provider of tailored and customized people assessment solutions. Visit our website for more information and to book a psychometric test.

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