Online Coaching Vs Offline Classes – Which is Better?

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Almost a decade ago, the concept of online coaching was still in its developmental phase, and many students and parents were even unsure about the value it could add. However, today, with the advent of the internet and various educational apps, the scenario has drastically changed. Technology-based learning has made it easier for aspirants living in remote areas to have easy access to all the required information. Furthermore, trust has also developed in students and parents alike.

Though online coaching efficiently removes many barriers, still many students are confused about which mode to choose – online or offline. For an informed and a fruitful decision, there are three things that one needs to consider before jumping on a decision. Here we have discussed the details about each aspect. Take a look!


The first thing that you need to consider when juggling to take a decision between online and offline coaching is flexibility. Consider how close or far the coaching centre is from your home while keeping the travel time in mind. When preparing for competitive examinations like NEET or JEE, it’s imperative to understand the value of time and try to save as much as possible. So, the choice here will depend on how close the nearest coaching institute is. If it takes just about 15 minutes to reach the centre, opt for offline coaching. On the other hand, if it takes anything more than an hour, online programs are the best bet. Furthermore, metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai are dotted with coaching institutes in all parts of the city, so finding one close to your home will never be a problem, if you happen to live in any of these cities. For example, if you live in Chennai, look for reviews of various coaching institutes, especially Aakash institute Chennai review to know the success rate, faculty and other offerings well.


Next aspect that can help you decide is the budget. When compared to offline coaching, online coaching is available at a competitive rate while allowing you to study at your own pace. Not only this, opting for online coaching will also help you save the cost that you’d otherwise spend on commuting. Opting for online coaching is particularly beneficial for aspirants living in remote areas and seeking for NEET or JEE coaching. On the other hand, if you are weak at concentrating and require someone who can assist and keep a watch on your progress, offline coaching is the right choice for you. The faculty available will help you hone the ability to concentrate while clearing any doubts that you may have.


Cracking any competitive examination calls for through dedication and even one barrier can cost you important grades. Before opting for any mode of coaching, you need to a check  on a few parameters. See below –

Online Coaching

  • Do You Have a Laptop?
  • Do You Have a Strong Internet Connection?
  • Does Your Home Has the Right Environment to Study on Your Own?

Opting for online coaching without a properly functioning laptop and a strong internet connection will be of no use. Remember, any compromise may lead to decreased performance and lower grades.

Offline Coaching

  • Is There an Experienced Panel of Faculty Members?
  • Is Infrastructure of the Coaching Up to The Mark?
  • Is the Success Rate Exceptional?

Opting for offline coaching without judging the available options on the parameters mentioned above will be of no use. From checking reviews online to conversing with the present students, leave no stone unturned. If you reside in the southern part of India and relocating is not an issue, check Aakash institute Chennai review and we are sure you will look no further.

To Sum It Up!

The decision is tough, however, if you judge the options well, you will surely be able to take the right decision for your future. All the best!

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