List Of Career Options Available After 12th For Biology Students

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If you have chosen science subject and cleared your 12th examinations, then there are variety of lucrative career options open for you. All these options have their eligibility criteria. It is better to take time out to know about these career options before finalizing one.

In this article, you will know about the list of career options available for biology students, after completion of 12th.

Psychometric Career Test

MBBS or Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Students who want to become a doctor can do this course. This is a basic degree of any doctor. If you wish to have specialization in any specific field, then there are different types of degrees in the medical field offered such as BDS and BAMS. Similar degrees are offered in areas of surgery, Optometrists, Physician, Pharmacists, Dental Surgeon, Nursing and many more. Psychometric Career Test holds an immense importance in finding the appropriate career on the basis of skills, interests and personality of an individual.  


A biology student can also do B.Sc (Bachelor in Science) and several diploma courses and certification courses Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.

B.SC course can be done in variety of fields, some of them have been mentioned below as:

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology / Biological Science / Respiratory Therapy / Biomedical Science / Biosciences / Bioinformatics / Biochemistry / Medical Biochemistry / Biochemistry and Agricultural Chemistry / Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology / Zoology / Aquaculture and Fishery Microbiology / Zoology and Animal Biotechnology / Molecular Biology / Botany / Biostatistics / Home Science / Environmental Science / Environmental Science and Water Management / Environmental Management / Home Science & Nutrition / Genetics / Nursing
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science in Animal Genetics and Breeding / Animal Nutrition / Animal Production and Management / Veterinary Anatomy and Histology / Veterinary Microbiology
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine / Dental Surgery / Pharmacy
  • Bachelor of Technology in Bioengineering / Bioinformatics / Biotechnology
  • Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery

Diploma can also be done in variety of fields like: Diploma in Bioinformatics / Environment Education / Applied Botany / Pharmacy / Food Technology / Human Biology / Biotechnology / Molecular Biotechnology / Molecular Biology

In the same way, one can also get certification in below mentioned areas:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Elementary Bioinformatics
  • Biotechnology

List of areas where graduate biology students can work:

Depending on the qualification and area of specialization, you may need to work in below-mentioned areas:

  • Botanical Gardens
  • Horticulture
  • Cosmetic Companies
  • Lumber and Paper Companies
  • Medical Labs and research centres
  • Clinics
  • Pharmaceutical companies and stores
  • Hospitals
  • Colleges

What title will you receive?

  • Farming Consultant
  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Mycologist
  • Doctor
  • Plant Biochemist
  • Molecular Biologist
  • Ecologist
  • Botanist
  • Geneticist
  • Biological Technician
  • Horticulturist

Thus there are plenty of respectable and high profile career options available for biology students after 12th. The road to a successful career will become easy with proper online career counselling. Extensive knowledge and guidance will help in eliminating the dark clouds of confusion and bring you clarity on the right career option to choose.

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