Leaning in a Modern World Requires a Step Back

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Technology is everywhere, especially in the field of education. For a parent, it can be dizzying! Technology does have it’s rewards. But only if it is done correctly. We know children have to walk before they can run. So why are so many institutions throwing children onto computers before they can read and write? It’s not helpful, rather it’s hurtful. Children are amazing sponges, quick learners. They will not be held back if you don’t let them play video games and type until they are actually ready. No, they will actually be much more proficient in the end if you give them the tools they need before the big hyped up tool – the computer.

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That is the big idea that seems to be getting lost in our fast paced, modern world: when the child is ready. Each child is different, and learns differently. Parents and educators need to step back and observe our leaders of tomorrow individually. See what they need at that time to help them grow and progress. Do not stick them in front of a mind numbing machine that has no mind of its’ own. That is not a teacher. That cannot respond to an individual’s pace and needs.

Kids need to play outside and inside. Explore with their hands and their senses. Something they cannot do on a computer. Seeing a picture of a playground and an animation telling you to play outside doesn’t really cut it! And yet that is all around our children! Children need to develop their hands by writing, that does not happen on a computer. Children need to have a community to share and learn. They need real experiences, not simulations. In other words, they need to “learn, play, and grow!”

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