Jay Eitner explains the role of educational consultants in today’s society

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Educational Consultants are basically trained professionals who provide counseling to assist students and families select a college, school, or other program that will further the academic career of the student. Educational consultants can offer a student and family with personalized attention, direct knowledge of hundreds of educational opportunities, and the time to discover all of the choices.

Jay Eitner talks about the importance of educational consultants

Jay being a reputed educational consultant says that educational consultants usually have extensive knowledge about schools and organizations and this enables students and families the opportunity to discover a varied range of options and discuss prospects in a significant way.

Jay says that most of the educational consultants start with an evaluation, to assist the student to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, in addition to educational choices, objectives, and plans. The primary duty of an education consultant is to recognize the need of the student. After understanding the requirements of the student, the education consultant usually carries out proper research for identifying the areas that need development. Post this the consultant then implements needed changes and ensure that the changes are effectual. At times, the education consultant may even take part in a range of activities to take full advantage of the productivity and ensure student success.

Mr. Eitner’s professional career

Jay Eitner after obtaining Doctor of Education degree in educational leadership and administration from American college of Education came into the professional field. He also has a Bachelor’s degree from American University and Master’s degree in education from Kean University. He started his career as a kindergarten and social studies teacher at Archdiocese of Newark in New Jersey. After working there for more than a year he joined as a teacher in East Brunswick Public School. Post this he started working as Middle School Assistant Principal in Washington Township Board of Education.

He then worked with Hopewell Valley Regional school district, The Lower Alloways Creek school district and Waterford Township School District in New Jersey. At present, Jay Eitner has been working as the educational consultant with Third Bridge Group Limited located in New York. His main job here is to recommend both foreign and domestic clients on a variety of educational topics. He typically provides consultation on the topics such as educational ordering, school construction, school ethics, student information systems and bond referendums.

Jay is also the owner of Eitner Education LLC which has been operating since August 2006 and is based in New Jersey. The company has been created because of the strong need to bring school districts and classrooms that meet the principles and necessities of modern learners. The professional development team at of Eitner Education LLC focuses on certain important areas.

As rightly stated by Jay, the job of an education consultant typically include various job responsibilities which may range from discussing several issues with the members of educational committees and planning and organizing teacher training program to name a few.

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