Internships Abroad: All the Advice You Need

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Plenty of people are looking for internships, especially abroad. The benefits of taking an internship abroad are staggering. They’re not the easiest thing for people to arrange, but they can be a huge help to students that are looking to gain work experience or are looking to boost their CV as well. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best advice for you for taking an internship abroad, check them out below:

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone:

One of the best things about doing an internship abroad is the ability to learn about new cultures and to learn about new cities too. One of the best ways to do that is by stepping out of your comfort zone, this way you can experience everything that the city and the job has to offer. Stepping out of your comfort zone can put you in a position that you have no experienced, which although it can seem scary at first, can be incredibly rewarding for you, especially if you haven’t actually experienced anything like this before. Your comfort zone will begin to expand and you will be much happier going for a job in the future too.

Remember that You’re There to Work:

Plenty of people forget that when they go overseas on an internship that they’re there to work. Plenty of people treat this as a sort of paid holiday, which is an absolute not-not! You should definitely enjoy yourself when you’re there and make the absolute most of it, but you can’t be treating this as a holiday, because it absolutely isn’t. You’re there to work and your employer will not be happy if you don’t do your work. You need to not only work hard, but you also need to make sure that you’re focused and that you’re absorbing as much information as you possibly can. These experiences can look great on your CV, you certainly don’t want to be squandering them!

Always Ask for Help if You Need It:

One of the greatest tragedies affecting students these days is the fact that people don’t ask for help. The more you ask for help, the better chance you have of understanding what it is that you need. Students have often complained that their biggest criticism of themselves at university is the fact that they haven’t asked enough questions. Asking questions means that you can find out what you need to know about the job, don’t ever suffer in silence! If you have a question, the person in charge of you at your internship will be happy to help you out. It doesn’t matter what you’re asking for, they will always be happy to help you out. You’ll need to make sure that you’re not being held back by any potential language barriers too, so make sure that you know everything about understanding language barriers.

Be Smart with Your Money:

It’s very important when you’re abroad that you keep an eye on your spending. The more money you spend abroad, the worse-off you will be. You need to keep an eye on your spending and you need to make sure that you’re not living beyond your means. Be sure to only spend money on the essentials, and make sure that you’re not just spending money for the sake of spending money. Your cash will be essential while you’re abroad and you need to find a way of being able to supplement your income whilst you’re abroad, be sure to know all about saving money, especially if you’re going to be doing something like an Accounting degree. Be smart with your money and you’ll find your internship a good experience, as you’ll have the money to support you there. You’ll need to be smart in general to be honest, as you’ll require health insurance, if you’re going abroad in Europe for instance, so be sure to look up some European Health Insurance for you to use.

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Thanks for reading and good luck!

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