Some Interesting Facts about National Interest Waiver

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A foreign individual can apply for his or her permanent resident status or the green card and seek the waiver for the employment by making him or her admission to permanent residence, which will be always in the National Interest of the country. There is no particular rule or standard so qualify an alien for the National Interest Waiver. The organization USCIS generally considers each of the case personally. The procedure is to filling the case with producing the evidence to establish that your admission to the US for getting the permanent status will be at the National Interest.

National Interest Waiver

Who can qualify for NIW?

The person who is either the Advanced Degree Professional or the Alien Exceptional Ability can be qualified for the National Interest Waiver. For qualifying for the post of NIW, the applicants must fulfill the requirements that are described below-

  1. The beneficiary must work in the area of substantial intrinsic merit.
  2. The beneficiary should serve the national interest to a greater degree than to be expected that will he be an US worker having the similar qualifications. If the labor certification is required from the beneficiary, the national interest will be largely affected.
  3. The beneficiary’s work should give the advantage that will be national in very aspects.

What do you understand by the term- Advanced Degree Professional?

The word “advanced degree professional” means that the candidate either having an advanced degree or any other foreign equivalent degree. He or she is working in the area that requires a minimum qualification of a bachelor degree or taken as a profession like the lawyer, teacher, doctor or engineer. The beneficiary should be having a bachelor degree along with five years of experience in the professional field. These all criteria support an Advanced Degree Professional.

If you are applying for the NIW, you should either require the Advanced Degree Professional or you should be having Exceptional Ability requirements. Having proof of both is not as important.  Please be sure that you are fulfilling all the minimum requirements that will allow you to qualify for NIW. The National Interest Waiver petition is very popular among the PHD students, researchers and those who are pursuing higher studies.

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