I’m About To Graduate: How Do I Get Someone To Employ Me?

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The question is one that all graduates ask when they are about to leave university. Getting a degree and studying is one thing, but working is another thing completely. And, as people will happily tell you, it isn’t easy to impress an employer. No one wants to spend years of life and thousands of dollars to graduate to collecting benefits. That is a massive kick in the teeth. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you will want to follow these tips. They will help you find a life after university.


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Impress On Your Placement

Almost every course has a section where you go off and work in the sector for real. It is supposed to give you experience and insight into the industry. It gives you much more than that, however. It also gives you a job opportunity. There are lots of examples of students that impressed and secured a permanent role. Employers will gladly take a punt on students if they show they are capable. After all, they are a cheaper option and a better investment.


No one says that you have to work for money as soon as you graduate. Yes, your debts will burn a hole in your bank balance, and that will make you uncomfortable. But, you don’t need to pay them all off at once. Your debts can wait until you have the money to afford the repayments. That is why volunteering is a good idea. Just like a work placement, it is a great way to get your foot in the door. If you work hard enough, they will notice you and offer you a job. The fact that you are willing to work for free for a while is also a tick in your favor.

Improve Your Skillset

There are certain skills that you need to get a job. It doesn’t matter whether you want to own a Fortune 500 company or flip burgers because they still apply. These skills range from teamwork and organization to business acumen. The better you are in these areas, the more chance you have of getting hired. If you notice the contradiction between needing experience and a lack of offers, there is another way. At https://www.trainingconnection.com, you can learn more about business skills without working in the environment. They work one on one, face to face so that you get the best possible level of training. Anyone that wants to make waves should consider extra training to stand out from the crowd.

Put Yourself Out There

There will be rejection – that is part of the process. But, don’t let this get in your way because it will hold you back. Think of rejection as a way of learning from your mistakes and becoming a better candidate. Www.linkedin.com will show you how to make it happen if you don’t know where to start. Then, you can apply to more jobs and increase your chances. If you don’t apply, you won’t get one – it is that simple.

Life after university is scary, but you have to get around if you want to be successful.

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