How you can support international students

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We’ve previously talked about how international students can integrate better in the universities they join, but on this article, we’ll talk about how those around them can assist them in this process. Those entering a different university and cultures can have a hard time fitting in,but there is what those around them can do to make the transition easier. Consider a person doing a course to become one of the regulatory consultants Canada has but comes from Peru; it can be overwhelming.  We’ll highlight what those are in this article.

Develop empathy

During this time, a person is homesick, timid because they’re unsure of how to navigate their environment, are touchy because they feel attacked when someone makes them feel as though they stand out more than they already are, and many other emotions. Therefore, as the local student, make the effort to reassure the foreign student that they are in good hands and that, though the adjustment process they will go through may be tough, assure them that enduring it will bring them to the other side of enjoying a different culture and, while keeping their own, embrace and appreciate their new one.

Bring them up to speed

A person who isaway from their home is likely experiencing culture shock and realize that their adjustment needs to take place on their part if they are to survive and enjoy the experience. Though there might be an element of excitement being in a new culture, not everyone takes it the same. Therefore, make an effort to help a person through and share tips on how to go about various things and taking the time to explain why things are the way they are.

Learn about your culture

You’ll surprisingly benefit from these exercises because you’ll end up being able to step outside of yourself and gain a new understanding of your culture. You’d be surprised how much we do “just because” without questioning the status quo. Assisting the international student inintegrating you’ll able to understand yourself and culture better.It also helps you know how dynamic cultures are and their relativity as well. What you find that what you perceive to be rash on your culture is praised in another, and with good reason. You should also keep an open mind.


There are various types of people; those who give international students a hard time, those who are indifferent, and those who are willing to help. Where do you fall and who would you like to encounter if you were an international student?

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