How to choose the right university in Australia after high school?

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Many people might have already told you this countless times, but let’s still repeat it for clarity. High school is the most crucial phase in your life because this is the point at which you make life-changing decisions. The university that you choose to pursue your graduate education has a life-changing impact on your personal and professional life. 

That is why choosing the university to study in Australia must be done under the right, or else you may be headed in an undesired direction. If you are wondering what university to select in Australia, keep reading this guide to learn more.

About ATAR

As you think about joining the university, you cannot afford to ignore Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). This is a percentile figure that measures your academic achievement in comparison to other students. 

The calculation for ATAR is based on the marks from five general subjects or four general subjects and an applied subject. 

English is a vital requirement of the subjects used to compute ATAR, and you must have scored a minimum of C grade.

Applying for university 

With ATAR determined, you can apply for university based on the state and university guidelines. The process followed may slightly vary from one state and university to another. 

Despite the varying application processes, the requirements are often identical. Make sure that you have the following at hand for a smooth application:

  • Personal details
  • Proof of ID
  • Admission test results taken
  • Contact details
  • Learner Unique Identifier 
  • Information about current studies and qualifications
  • Authorization for another person to help you with the application 
  • All requested documents in PDF format 

Once you present these details, you will be asked to list your preferred courses of study in the order of preference. No problem if you are still unsure here because you can still change at a later date. The tertiary admission center also allows you to apply for scholarships.

What to look for in a university in Australia?

You cannot afford to ignore some things as you choose the right university to apply for. These include:

  1. The university’s geographic location

Most students in Australia often consider location as far as the university of their choice is concerned. Are you interested in studying in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, or South Australia? The state you choose matters because it impacts unmentioned elements such as traffic, community culture, cost of living, and many other factors.

  1. Courses of choice 

Not all universities in Australia offer similar courses. There may be some of your studies of interest that may be unavailable in other universities. If that’s the case, you will likely lock these universities from your options. 

  1. University size

Australian universities differ in size, just as is the case in any other place on earth. Monash University is the largest university in Australia and was founded in 1958. The smallest university in terms of student numbers is Bond University from Queensland. Your choice of a university in terms of size will depend on whether you consider the physical size or the student population. 

University course pre-requisites 

As you look at different factors to determine your university choice in Australia, do not forget to consider pre-requisites for courses. These vary, but they generally include:

  • English as a mandatory requirement (Minimum C grade)
  • Interviews
  • Personal statement
  • Subject requirements
  • Admission tests 

To wrap up, do not feel stressed as far as choosing a university to study. However, make sure that your decisions are well-informed. After all, this is a life-changing step and should not be taken lightly.

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