How to be quick at maths with math assignment help?

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Many people get overwhelmed when it comes to handling maths. Even when they solve mathematical problems, it takes a lot of time to solve it. Are you tired of spending hours on your maths problems? Are you always losing out on time during exam? Do you need math assignment help to learn about new tricks and techniques to help you out?

Well, if you really want to be fast, then given below are some methods which you can try out. It significantly makes you better at maths and helps you to keep out your fear as well.

How to be quick at maths?

Add large numbers quickly

Addition of large numbers takes up significant amount of time when it comes to working on problems for your assignment. What’s the solution to that? Well, opting for math assignment help and employing the process stated below by converting the number to a multiple of 10.

Suppose you have to add 436+879

Convert the two into their nearest multiple 440 and 880 and add. The result is 1320. To find the original answer, you need to subtract the value that you have added, that is, 440-436=4 and 880-879=1. Now add it and subtract that from the new result: 1320-5= 1315 which is the answer.

Subtract efficiently

In order to subtract large numbers fast from 1000, subtract all the numbers from 9 except for the last digit. Subtract the last digit from 10.

For example, you need to subtract 778 from 1000. Subtract 7 from 9 and so on till you obtain the number. In this case it is 222.

Multiplication by 5

Want to learn how to multiple quickly by 5 with math assignment help? Well, the process is different for even and odd numbers.

For even numbers, you need to take the number which is to be multiplied by 5 and divide it into half. For example, if you need to obtain the value for 5×8, then the half of 8 is 4. Add a zero to the number to get your answer which is 40.

For odd numbers, however, the method differs. You need to subtract 1 from the number that will be multiplied and then cut it by half. For example, if you need 5×9, then subtracting gives you 8, which again gives you the number 4. Add 5 to it, and you will get the number which is 45.

Trick to calculate percentage

Though calculating percentage can be a bit tricky, however, it is not impossible. Let’s say, for example; you need to calculate 5% of 210.

Move the decimal point one place and get the result 20.0 now divide it by 2 to obtain the result which is 10.5

How to square off a two digit number fast?

Squaring numbers that end with 5 with math assignment help have never been made easy before! Squaring large numbers have proved to be daunting to many. However, with this, it will be simplified.

Let’s assume that 45 need to be squared. Multiply the first digit, which is 4 in this case, by itself and add 1 to the number. In the end, simply insert 25.

4x [4+1] = 4×5=2025

The square of 45 is 2025.

 Point to note

These are some of the tricks that you can use from math assignment help to finish off your assignments quickly. There are multiple others available that you can look for to master maths. However, also review your answers before you finish it off to ensure that you are right. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and employ these tricks and get done with maths right now!

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