Health Service Career Paths

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is expected to grow by 33% by 2020. In fact, healthcare is one of the industries with the largest number of unfilled job opportunities. Working in healthcare is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling – each day you help other people improve their quality of life and prevent illnesses and disease. With a bachelor’s of science degree in health services, you are eligible for many exciting and well-paid roles in the healthcare field. Keep reading to discover some of the best career paths available for graduates holding a health services degree.

Health Information Administrator

Expected salary: up to $75,000 with a bachelor’s degree

As a health information administrator, you can manage medical records and systems that are used to evaluate medical data. This is a highly detail-oriented position, as medical records contain personal details that must be kept secure. To be eligible for this role you’ll have to sit and pass the RHIT exam and become accredited. Additionally, you’ll be required to keep your education up to date through 30 continuing education units taken every two years. RHIT-accredited health information administrators with a master’s degree can earn up to $100,000 annually.

Nursing Home Administrator

Expected salary: $109,000

You’ll be in charge of nearly everything at the nursing home – you’ll develop strategies to keep the nursing home profitable, functioning smoothly, and comfortable for residents. Your specialized medical knowledge will be put to use daily as well as communication and managerial skills. You’ll need to effectively delegate tasks, oversee all of the nursing home’s programs, and develop budgets, policies, and procedures that will provide the operational foundation of the facility.

Pharmaceutical Reimbursement Specialist

Expected salary: $36,000 – $50,000

Pharmaceutical reimbursement specialists complete a number of tasks to assist customers with receiving medical insurance reimbursements. This job requires the general medical knowledge acquired with a health services degree – each day you’ll be working with medical-related jargon, software, and systems. Sometimes, you’ll be interpreting and verifying insurance information. You’ll act as a medium between insurance companies and patients. You will also need excellent communication skills as well as basic customer service knowledge.

Certified Administrative Medical Assistant (CMMA)

Expected salary: $35,000

CMMA’s are an important part of any medical office team and a great way to get your foot in the door in the medical field. You’ll handle calls, scheduling, medical records, accounts receivable, medical claims, and data entry. Your medical knowledge allows you to earn more annually than the average administrative assistant and the demand for this job continues to grow as more medical offices are opened worldwide.

Medical Office Manager

Expected salary: $43,000 – $58,000

As a medical office manager, you’re in charge of all the procedures and happenings within your establishment’s office. You’ll supervise the clerical staff and assistants and make sure the team is communicating clearly to achieve goals. You’ll need to handle any information requests, order supplies, and delegate tasks among other duties. You’ll need basic computing skills, great organizational skills, and excellent communication skills. If you enjoy management roles and would like to have one within a medical office environment, this job might be the one for you.

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