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To work successfully in a design position, it’s important to understand just what it takes to turn ideas into reality. If you start looking for a definition of design, one that will hold up over time, you may end up being as confused as you were when you started. There are many definitions but the most accurate one states that design jobs connect creativity and innovation.

Ideas can be imaginative but unless they move to the practical realm, there is no specific end. If innovation remains in the mind and on paper, it probably doesn’t fit the design definition. The results of design are visible but they also become functional. It’s essential to use excellent design to improve work processes and generally make life and work better.

Design Is Different

“Tangible” is a good word to use when discussing design because it takes thoughts and inspirations and makes them, well, tangible. If you want to get design jobs in Malaysia, it’s important to think through the process to the end result: making things. In a similar way, design focuses on human beings or on the way that humans interact with their environment. It’s important to envision how people will use the product, the building, or the service in the real world.

Design is also collaborative. This means that something tangible and human-focused is good at engaging other people. This may actually separate the genius of great design from products and structures that simply don’t work. The process brings groups of people (designers and non-designers) together to get the proper results. Be prepared to move through a process with four distinct sectors, the first of which is discovery.

As mentioned earlier, an idea or concept can be imaginative, but without design and creativity, it remains a discovery and not much more. Look at your world in a fresh way and you can thrive in a bustling economy such as the one that you’ll find in Malaysia and other areas of Southeast Asia. You might have an opinion about what you see and what you envision but it’s necessary to take that view to the next level with definition.

Three More Ds

After the discovery phase, it’s time to define the possibilities. You may need to prioritise and create a brief that can be presented to others. Development is the next step, which generally results in a prototype that can be tested and altered as necessary. This phase contains some trial and error, which is necessary to achieving a tangible result that functions as it should.

From there, the process moves to the delivery stage. A product or service is finalised and sent out into the world in a carefully designed manner. Success during this phase depends heavily on having the proper target. After all, the grandest plan will not succeed if you don’t have a specific target.

Whether you work as a design engineer, a creative director, a specialist in creative marketing, or a designer in the growing world of computer and electronic circuitry or any other area of design, find your place online today.

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