What To Expect on College Break

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You’ve made it through your first semester of classes, even survived finals and now Christmas break is upon you.  As much as you may be looking forward to 2 weeks of class free, relaxation, returning home for a Holiday break can be a somewhat odd experience.

The first thing that will inevitably strike you is how lame your childhood bedroom is.  All of the trappings of the high-school version of yourself are on display and you’ll suddenly feel a kind of odd disconnect from yourself.  You may look at your collection of displayed science fair ribbons and ask yourself, “who lived in here?”  The best thing to do at this point is to marvel at how much you’ve grown up, just in your first semesters of college, and how much you’ve changed.

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Another thing you’ll likely be struck by is how weird it is to be under your parent’s rule once again.  Where at college you could come and go as you pleased, reconciling that your parents rule this roost can sometimes be a tough adjustment.  Don’t fight the power.  Its not worth it.  Live by the rules for the two weeks your at home and enjoy the time that you have with your family.  Before you know it, you’ll be back to staying out all night with friends, drinking and just generally having a great time.

And finally, at some point you’ll want to meet up with your high school friends.  This can also be kind of an odd experience.  Your crew might have been thick as thieves when you lived in the same zip code, but now that you and your friends are having experiences separate from one another and really coming into your own, you may feel a bit of a disconnect.  Don’t feel pressure to fall back into old behavior.  If you’re high school buddies are really good friends, they will still appreciate the new you that you’re growing into.  It can also be a lot of fun to share stories of each other’s college experiences.  It doesn’t have to separate you. Sharing can sometimes bring the group closer together.

Despite the fact that returning home from college can be a weird experience on some levels, try to really appreciate where you came from and get your fill of all of the comforts of home that you can’t get back on campus.  You may even find that you appreciate these things now, more than you ever did.

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