Best Educational Institutions in UK

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The United Kingdom has some of the leading universities and colleges in the world. These institutions offer several courses to both local and International students. Based on the latest research and rankings, the following are considered to be among the best Educational institutions in UK.

1 University of Oxford

Since its establishment in 1096, the University of Oxford has remained one of the best performing institutions in UK. It is located in Wellington Square on the South Eastern part of England. It offers International curriculum in various courses at different levels. The success of this institution as a top university in the UK is majorly credited to;

· Modern library that is well stocked with relevant information materials. Bodleian, which is its main library, is considered a legal deposit and is therefore entitled to receiving a free copy of every book that is published within the United Kingdom. This ensures that it keeps abreast with the latest information.

· The state of art museums that it houses. This forms a major reference resource to many students and thereby enabling them to excel in their studies. One such museum is the Ashmolean Museum which is the oldest University museum in the world. It offers vast information to several students.

2 University of Cambridge

Locate in Cambridge; this University is considered the third oldest surviving University having been established in 1209. It has grown over years to include 31 constituent colleges. It has continuous ranking as one of the best institutions in UK may be accredited to;

· The stringent admission policies imposed in this institution. This ensures that only qualified and able students are admitted for various courses and thereby promoting continuous success.

· The unique teaching technique which involves regular lessons coupled with supervisions that are done four times in a week.

3 University of Edinburgh

Having been established in 1583, University of Edinburgh has grown to be one of the best universities in the UK. It is ranked 17 in the world`s best university according to 2013 QS Rankings. It is divided into three main schools known as;

· College of Humanity and Social Sciences; which is the largest one of the three.

· College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine; this is considered one of the best medical institutions in the world.

· College of Science and Engineering; this includes faculty of biomedical and geo sciences. In addition it also hosts the school of Chemistry and Mathematics.

4 London Schools of Economics

This is yet another top institution in the United Kingdom. Unlike the other institutions that offer a variety of courses, this one focuses on social sciences. It is located in London and that gives it an advantage of the others. It has continued to excel mainly because of;

· The strong administration that is in place; this is steered by Craig Calhoun who is the current director.

· High investment on research; it is considered to have the highest percentage of world leading research as compared to the other British institutions.

5 Imperial College London

This is a public London based University that specializes in business, medicine, Engineering and sciences. It is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the world, having attained full charter on 9th July 2007. It has consistently ranked among the best institutions in UK because;

· It has state of Art facilities which offer excellent studying environment to students.

· It has a well-organized student body that ensures a perfect relation between the various International students. This has continuously enhanced group work which is one of its main pillars of success.

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