How to Make Education Work on You

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about BritishEssayWriterThere is a belief that a student with a college or university degree has much more chances to build successful career or get a good job. Modern kids disagree and cite in evidence biographies of famous developers and businessmen. But only about 10 percent of global population controls about 70 percent of all the wealth. Perhaps, some of them left higher education institute and did not get a degree, but all of them are highly educated. Definitely they came to success with the help of knowledge, self-discipline, hard work and fortune.

According to recent statistics, HR managers are more likely to make a decision based on job applicants’ education level. There are many ways to become educated – colleges, online courses. Even educational sources, like , abound with useful information and are ready to help. But, first of all a learner should understand why it is so necessary to gain knowledge and practice skills.

Why learning is important?

Study may be ineffective if a kid is not motivated to gain knowledge or he just does not like certain subject. Learning is necessary because it evolves the powers of mind and helps students develop study habits, learning and time management skills. In the process of study a student learns a lot of information that will further widen his horizons. Also he grows mentally and learns to overcome learning issues. There are so many levels at schools and colleges to accomplish. In the end of each level the student achieves the goal of accomplishment and becomes more progressive.

Getting overwhelmed with responsibility and information

Definitely, college and university education is an increased level of responsibility. As learners have managed to enter the higher education institute, they are expected to cope with lots of various assignments. Learners should be ready to face specific challenges they did not experience at school. College degree demands more independent study and usually it shocks first year students.

Collegers may find it very difficult and chaotic to start with, and, unlike school, it will be up to them to decide whether to attend classes or miss lectures. Every freshman finds that it is hard to motivate him, especially during the first semester. How to motivate the student to study in the first few days? Remind that he (or his family) pays money for education.

Finding the happy medium

At any age it is important to divide a day between study, leisure and other activities. Everyone should have his formula of optimum balance. It is important to remember that one should not confuse all these parts of life. Set accurate boundaries between the study and the time for other activities. Many collegers make the same mistake and do two things at a time. They search for information on the Web and chat with their friends online. That is very ineffective and irrational method of learning. It may take much more time to fulfill the task.

Adopting time management techniques

The best way to start managing time is to create a schedule. 10 years ago an average student could rely on a desk schedule with a set of highlighter pens. But today modern technologies offer exciting possibilities – free and useful apps, like ‘to-do lists’ or even a calendar function can help greatly, too.

The learner can build his time according to the daily schedule; he can feed information about college assignments and set deadlines for the assignments into his mobile device. One should remember that a successful student never leaves the task until the last minute and spends more time to read the instructions attentively.

Finding personal learning methods

Every colleger has a method of learning that works for him. But college education differs from study at school, so there is a need to experiment and search for more effective style of learning. There are numerous learning methods and it would be very useful to combine a few manners of study.

All students entering colleges and universities should realize that education is an investment in the future career and that is a chance to become creative and critical thinker. That is why every student is highly recommended not to passively absorb the knowledge it all, but to engage actively in learning process. Only after that education will work on students.

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