Crack the JEE Mains with Expert Guidance

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JEE Mains is one of the popular national level entrance examinations in India. As you know, IIT conducts this test on a yearly basis. It is for admission of meritorious students to different IITs located across India.

You will have to score the minimum cut-off score to get through this test. Also, when you become one of the top 2,20,000 candidates, you will get the chance to take up the JEE Advanced test. When you get top scores, you will get admission to one of the top IITs and you will get the chance to select your favourite branch.

What Do Career Experts Say?

Mr Mukesh Maheshwari, the career Counsellor at Way2College with his extensive experience in counselling students suggest that doing your degree in IIT will truly add value to your resume. So, you should prepare well for the JEE Main test.

What will you learn from Way2College?, a website owned by Mr Mukesh Maheshwari, is a one-stop solution for all your higher education needs. In addition to providing complete details about JEE Main, the website will also guide you in the selection of the right college. Not just IITs, even other colleges also take JEE Main Score.

So, the website provides comprehensive information to the students about the other colleges that accept the JEE Main Score. Further, the website also provides useful preparation tips for candidates, preparing for the JEE Main examination. Further, you can get the past question papers that will again help you during your practice sessions. If you are planning to take up the JEE Main in 2019, an analysis of the JEE Main 2018 will surely help you. rightly understands this. So, the website has comprehensive information on the cut-off analysis.

Tips To Prepare:

Be thorough with the syllabus:

Experts at suggest that students planning to take up JEE Main should first get a thorough understanding of the syllabus. Here are charts given by Way2College to show the weightage given to different chapters in the physics, chemistry and mathematics subjects in JEE Main:




With this data given by Way2College, students can easily judge the weightage given. So, they can easily plan their preparation accordingly.

Time management:

Students, who have succeeded in the JEE main examination always suggest that time management right from preparation is something highly important. If you are planning to take up the JEE Main examination, it is important that you should draw a clear-cut timetable. In addition to drawing the time-table, it is important that you should adhere to it.

Make sure that you finish each chapter within the stipulated time. To do this, you should set goals for yourself. Based on the difficulty level of the level of the chapter or topic, you should judge how long it will take to finish preparing the topic. After preparation, a complete revision is important before moving on to the next.

Way2College wishes that all candidates should get through the JEE Main with good scores!

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