How to Convince an Old Customer to Redesign Their Website

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The majority of people think that a website design and creation is a once-in-a-lifetime process. They feel once it is has been completed, that there is no need to tinker around with it anymore. They are more inclined to leave it as it is for years to come, without any change in design or technology. Is this really a wise choice? What effect does your website have on your business if it has not been redesigned or updated in a while?

The number one reason people in business want to start a website in the first place is to leverage the vast opportunities in the World Wide Web for their business. The website is effectively an investment in their business. The Internet as well as Internet technology is dynamic. It changes constantly. So redesigning a website is actually essential in order to keep up the changing flow of the Internet in order to ensure that your website remains viable and relevant. Here are the top three reasons why you need to redesign your website so that your business gets the exposure and coverage that it requires to stay on top of the game.

  • Your website needs to be optimized for viewing on mobile devices. The burgeoning use of smart phones and other hand-held devices means that the majority of people will be visiting your website form their mobile device. The browsing habits of mobile users are different from computer users. Mobile users are on the go and want to get information quickly. Browsers that work well on computers may give users a different experience on mobile devices. It needs to load more quickly, have interactive features (such as click-to-call buttons whereby the person can contact your business directly from the website) as well as be easy to navigate and scroll. A scaled down version of your desktop site will not be comfortable to read. Websites that are not optimized for mobile viewing require constant zooming in and out, which makes you likely to lose potential customers if they lose patience with your website and go to the next competitor. For these reasons, redesigning your website the latest Responsive Web Design (RWD) is essential. This will adapt your website to the specifications of the browser and device used-whether it is a tablet, a mobile, or a desktop.
  • Your website needs to be optimized to get high search engine rankings. This ensures that your website comes up in the top rankings and on the first page of a search engine result when people search for products or services that you sell. So redesigning your website with a good CMS (content management system) that helps you update your website regularly is what is needed. This is because websites that are updated regularly get consistently higher rankings.
  • Your website needs to have integrated social media tools, so that users can easily share your content on different platforms, thereby giving your business even more exposure and visibility.

These three major reasons to redesign your website, once implemented, will ensure your website gives your business the results that it deserves.

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