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Before selecting the SFA housing option, www.livetaliesin.com, you should compare the advantages with on campus alternatives. If the advantages outweigh disadvantages, it is necessary to switch over to the off campus mode. In modern world, universities provide dorm facilities but they are very costly and majority of students cannot afford the cost. You can select any one of them based on the requirements and specifications. In the following paragraphs, a comparison is provided between off campus and on campus accommodation.

On Campus

A detailed analysis:

If you are choosing the on campus facility, the rent would be paid from the student loan fund. Furthermore, the students also get scholarships that will help them to meet the accommodation expenses. In case of SFA housing, students may be able to take out a loan for paying rent. Some institutes provide educational grants, they give subject to the condition that students use the on campus residential facilities. One of the biggest disadvantages of staying away from the campus is that the student is able to use only a small part of the fund besides paying taxes on the test. Therefore, it results in an enhancement of expenditure.

People who are living off campus may need to pay gas electricity and internet bills whereas they do not need to worry about them while staying in the student dormitory. Although the dorms appear to be expensive, the total expenditure also includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Expenses related to food have to be borne by the student in off campus accommodation which can be on the higher side.

One of the most important benefits of staying on campus is that the person need not have to worry to cover the rental expenses if one of the room-mates leaves during the ongoing study session. If you are availing SFA housing, the tenant might have to bear all the charges if the co tenant leaves due to unavoidable circumstances.

On campus offer is lucrative but it has its own pitfalls. Even in up market areas, the total expenditure of students living near the campus is less than those who are residing inside it. Generally dormitories impose a significant penalty on the student if he or she opts out of the university during midsession. People living off campus can relax and enjoy the time unlike the one staying in Dorms who might have to restrain themselves from making noise and be more disciplined.

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