How Biological Samples Are Stored And Preserved Safe In A Bio bank?

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Bio banks are generally referred to a storehouse to store all the biological samples of the human species. The specimens are mostly used for experiments and practical use in labs. These samples are also used by medical centers and universities for the purpose of experimentation by the medical students. Such samples give the medical students the real picture of how the various body parts actually look like.

Biological samples are of great use in these experiments. For cases like cancer, kidney problems, neurosis it is of great value. Since the importance of these samples is huge, so preserving them is an important task as well.

Biological samples

Since these samples contain the DNA, storing them becomes extremely critical. They have to be stored in the right temperature to avoid any complications. This is the reason why most of the genetic companies across the world take cautious measures to preserve the biological specimens well.

Full information of the donor and his background is fed in the bio-bank. Registering them is very essential. Right name of the donor and the kind of sample stored with its nature has to be inserted; bio-banks have to take the extra effort to store these biological samples. Installing computer bases registered program ensure that the quality of the samples is maintained.

Protecting these samples from all kinds of damage is very essential too. Storing them in an appropriate climatic condition is essential to prevent any damages to occur. Low temperature storage is not possible for these samples. High temperature storage with a non-freezer facility maintains the quality of the samples. Every sample should be tagged in details. You must properly name the samples and divide them into relevant groups and section to avoid any confusion. Insert a code number and then put it in the freezer compartment.

However, bio banking is a huge investment as well. Maintaining records of DNA and blood samples is a major task and a huge cost is involved in the same. Every blood sample has to be stored individually along with details of the donor. Moreover storing them is not easy; they need individual preservation containers to avoid any leakage or severe climatic changes.

There is a lot of labor and machine utilized in bio banking. It does not only mean employing regular labors. It involves a set of highly specialized doctors and researches with expertise in this field. They need to be given regular training as well that incurs a cost. The cost of hiring a laboratory and maintaining itself incurs a major investment.  The climate in the laboratory has to be controlled for which cost is involved.

The concept of bio banking is new and it has been possible due to the latest advancement in technology only.  Sufficient fund is essential to pay skilled and professional labors, manage the heavy machines and expensive equipments, and impart training to doctors and researches and other expenses.  Although the support from the western government is there but the funds, still fall short to manage the overall cost.

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