The Benefits Of One On One Guidance In A Montessori School

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There are many things that distinguish Montessori education from conventional teaching methodology. Some of the main fundamental principles of the Montessori way of learning and teaching are:

  • An emphasis on the child’s natural development
  • The ability to promote life skills
  • Mixed age classrooms and
  • Skilled teachers who are able to interact with the children in a meaningful manner.

At the end of the day, you will find that one of the biggest benefits that Montessori Schools in Mississauga offer is one on one guidance.

Respecting the child

Montessori believes that a child should be respected for his or her personality. This will include the child’s abilities to learn and to interact with other children in the environment of the classroom. This philosophy translates into a teacher’s need to follow a child’s clues and behavior in order to structure their learning. Automatically, this translates into one on one observation and guidance.

Open ended activities

In a Montessori school, there is no rigid curriculum for the child to follow. The activities are open ended and they encourage:

  • Interaction with other children
  • Development of self discipline
  • Natural curiosity and
  • Fostering a sense of self satisfaction when a task is complete.

Again, this requires that a teacher be extremely observant of what each child is doing and guide the child according to requirements.

Why choose Montessori Schools in Mississauga?

One on one guidance is probably the biggest reason why you should choose a Montessori school. With this kind of nurturing, your child will indeed learn the best of subjects and life skills in a very unique manner. Montessori believes that a child should be equipped with practical skills which will allow a child to function with great success in the outside world as well. Therefore, your child will come out equipped not just with teaching alone but true learning as well.

Lot of emphasis on individual learning

In typical classrooms, teachers hand out worksheets and have a lesson plan to follow. Whereas, in a Montessori school, a teacher offers guidance to each student because of one unique principle. This principle is that the child is responsible for his or her own learning.

Exploration, natural curiosity and even asking questions to find out more information is all encouraged in a Montessori school. So, when you walk into a classroom in Montessori Schools in Mississauga you will find that it brings together diverse elements such as:

  • Toys of various kinds
  • Picture books
  • Coloring equipment
  • Musical instruments and even
  • Kitchen stuff that can encourage a child to learn about domestic chores.

Obviously then, a teacher will multi task and keep track of what each child is doing so that she or he gets an extremely good idea about a particular child’s abilities.

Social learning is a huge aspect of Montessori teaching methodology and this is exactly why there are mixed age classrooms in a Montessori school. Interestingly enough, the one on one guidance can also come from older children who have learned that younger children need a bit of extra patience and love.

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