Be a Competent Legal Professional by Gaining the Right Skills at JGU

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The legal profession is a respectable career option in our country. It was my dream of studying the law course in an institute that is ranked among the top 25 law colleges in India. Fortunately for me, I did get to manage a seat in the Jindal Global University. It’s a premier university with top-notch facilities and infrastructure. They have ensured that my dream of becoming a good law professional becomes a reality.

Why Should You Pick The Legal Profession?

The first point that came to my mind when I made the decision to take admission into this institute was the abundant career options. The competition in this field is somewhat low compared to the fierce competition witnessed in other fields of education especially in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engg. and Math) field.

The popular career options after studying the various law courses in India are as follows:

  • Corporate Law
  • Judicial Service
  • Public Prosecutor
  • Litigation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Dispute Resolution
  • NGOs
  • LPOs ( Legal Process Outsourcing)
  • Tax Law
  • Teaching
  • Legal Journalism

The Demand is Huge in India

Everybody knows that there is a scarcity of good lawyers in the country. The majority of the students are interested in studying only STEM subjects. It leaves a gap of students wishing to study the law courses. Despite studying the law courses, most students don’t work in the courts. There is an acute shortage of talented lawyers in the country.

Being a lawyer, we are given the power to change the lives of people with our analytical and logical thinking. I know I have to develop those skills. Hence, I joined this prestigious institute that holds the place among the top private law colleges in India. With the help of their unique syllabus and teaching methodologies, I am sure I can improve the above-mentioned skills plus the interpersonal skills to become a good lawyer. I just want to fulfill my dream of practicing law in a court after finishing my study in this reputed institute.     


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