9 Types of Essay: Short Writing Instruction

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Even though essay is a commonplace for today’s students, it’s a complicated assignment for most of them. A simple essay requires analytical skills, brainstorming, and a sense of beauty. Still, not every student realizes the tiny and substantial peculiarities of every essay type. Here is a brief outline of the 9 main types of academic papers.

Analytical Essay

Analytical academic papers require a strong argument, where a student presents the subject of analysis. Along with it, you should pick up a convincing thesis statement and brainstorm killer ideas. Analytical essay writing is about detailed analysis of the subject. It’s important to define its essence, role, and impact on other subjects. Thus, analytical skills are the decisive factor of the successful essay writing process.

Narrative Essay

Though a narrative essay is considered to be a simple assignment, it has peculiarities. This academic paper conveys a story with a clear beginning, main part, and conclusion. The main goal of the narrative paper lies in involving and exciting the reader. Some students think that telling a story would be enough. Still, it’s important to tell an exciting, informative, and didactic story with an accurate conclusion.

Compare or Contrast Essay

Compare essay not only discerns the difference between two or more subjects. It provides strong arguments and shows the essence and results of the differences. Thus, it’s important to combine compare and analytical essay type. A thorough analysis of two subjects is a crucial step of the writing process.

Critical Essay

Critical essays contain analysis of the book, movie, article, literature subject, etc. The goal of this academic paper lies in analyzing the strong and weak sides of the subject. Still, an analysis mustn’t be completely subjective. A student has to consider the goals of the author, the background of the subject, the relevance of the subject, etc. The reader expects to receive convincing details in the critical essay. Thus, familiarize with the subject and apply for its details.

Cause or Effect Essay

Cause essays contain the reason of the particular event. The academic papers explain how the event has happened. The effect papers analyze the effects of the event. To write a quality essay, it’s important to follow the logic narration and wise order of arguments. It’s crucial to understand the subject and own detailed information.

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays contain the proofs of the particular thesis, theory, or statement. Still, the evidence must be convincing enough to support the argument. It’s crucial to brainstorm as many evidence as possible and pick up the killer proofs.

Every argumentative essay must be structured. Evidence should flow smoothly and create a cohesive narration. A student should remember about introductory words such as “moreover”, “however”, “still”. Such words create a united story, which is absolutely readable.

Definition Essay

Definition essays tend to be the less favorite academic papers. A student is assigned to explain the meaning of the term. Such assignment can be boring for academics. On the other hand, it can be informative and exciting with a right approach.

The explanation must be deeper than Wikipedia presents it. A student must include convincing examples and personalized definition.

Descriptive Essay

A student must not only describe something in the descriptive essays. Descriptive papers require paying attention to the details. Thus, it’s crucial to describe what the person smells or what the color of the tree shadow is. The key term of the descriptive paper is details and emotions.

Process Essay

Process essays present the solution of the problem. The solution must be provided in the main part. The introduction contains the description of the problem. The academic paper must also include the recommendations. It’s crucial to interact with the reader, who might face with such problems before.

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