5 reasons why parents would prefer Sri Sri Academy Siliguri School

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Why to send my child to Sri Sri Academy Siliguri? Why not send him/her to other schools in the vicinity that have already set their standards education sector? This is one of the most prevailing and apparent questions, pondered by almost all the parents.

If you made your decision to send your kid Sri Sri Academy and now you wish to feel confident about it, the below mentioned information is all what you need. If you are one of those who are dwindling with the notion whether to experiment with your child’s future, the below mentioned reasons will surely convince you to take the plunge.

Here are the top 5 reasons why parents will opt for Sri Sri Academy School over other educational institutions in the days to come:

  • We make students cool and smart- Getting adequate knowledge and not being able to use it is a waste of knowledge. We encourage students to learn things and put them in practice, in order to help them come out of their shell. We encourage to socialize, be outspoken and communicate, in order to fuel the growth of the cognitive and mental abilities. A mentally developed child is a smart child indeed.
  • Well-stocked library- The resource strength of any institution can be deduced by analyzing the stock available in its library section. Students at Sri Sri Academy Siliguri will be exposed to not only print media such as old books and journals, but can also lay their hands on the latest digital media developments. Ensuring a student is up to date with the ever changing world is our top most priority.
  • More interesting academic work– Reading 2-3 Shakespearean play in a year is something your child will experience in Sri Sri Academy Siliguri. The depth and breadth of the academic courses in this school is at par with global standards. We do not believe in giving regular monotonous homework for students to get bored, rather we focus on allocating interesting tasks for student, which can delight them first hand.
  • State-of-the art program and facilities– From music, fine arts, and dance to sports and theatre, anything of artistic value is valued at Sri Sri Academy Siliguri. We believe in honing the skills of our students and adding it in his/her credentials. Being a book worm and only studying does not help in this fast-forward life that we have chosen for ourselves. Hence, we aim to educate students not for their careers or jobs, but for their whole life.
  • Good teachers play a vital role– Unlike other educational institutions, we prefer teachers who not just have degrees in their subjects, but also have a penchant for teaching and are fully qualified for the role. Teachers often serve as a role model and we believe in performing every form of scrutiny before-hand. Discipline is a common issue faced by almost every student these days. We give discipline utmost importance and our selected teachers not only preach it but practice it too.

New is most likely nice in all most all cases. We are new in the vicinity, but not in the sector. Believe us, have faith in us, and we promise to return it back to you with a child you can take pride in. For more information visit http://www.srisriacademy.in/


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