4 Reasons to Switch to H.R. Mid-Career

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Switching careers is a scary thought. With a sluggish economy, the thought of leaving a stable job for a career path you have no experience in can sound scary if not crazy. However, many working professionals decide to switch to H.R. because they are no longer happy with their line of work and want to have the chance to work with people, contribute to the business world or perhaps earn a higher salary. The good news is H.R. is one of those fields that is very common to transition into, so if you’ve ever considered a switch here are four reasons to lean on.

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1. An Easier Switch

Unlike deciding to become a teacher or a doctor, moving into H.R. will not require years and years of schooling. While you may experience a cut in pay at first as you start at the entry level, your pay will increase rapidly and  have a much higher ceiling than some career paths. In addition, it’s only recently that people have started to go to school specifically to do H.R. Traditionally, it’s been a field people move into when they are dissatisfied with another role in a company. This tradition makes it easy to approach the company you already work for to see if you can take on an H.R. role or help with some H.R. related tasks. Finally, master’s degrees, certificates and continuing education programs are all available in H.R. to help you get the knowledge you need to succeed.

2. A Strategic Role

When most people think of an H.R. manager, they imagine someone asking silly interview questions, negotiating salaries and handling workplace disputes. While these things may be part of the job, H.R. is becoming an increasingly strategic role in a company. With businesses needing to find and hire the best talent to help grow their business in a competitive landscape, having an H.R. manager who knows who to look for and how to attract them to work for that company is a necessity. As a H.R. manager you would be able to think about the overall well being and direction of the company and make critical hiring decisions based on those needs.

3. Influence People

Many of us had dreams when we were young and in school of making a difference in the world and having a real impact on the people we interacted with. In H.R. you can do just that. Many H.R. personnel are in charge of helping the development of employees as they pursue their career and determine the path they want to take in the company. Often H.R. is in charge of employee evaluations and training and are often there to resolve disputes and give encouragement. If you are looking for a position that requires you to genuinely care about others, this would be the career for you.

4. Work Variety

We all need variety in our life, but most of us seem to end up in jobs where we do the same thing day after day. With the diversity of the H.R. role, you will have plenty of variety in your day, which could be a much needed change from your current career.

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