3 Steps to Choose the Best School Fundraising Company

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You are planning a fundraising event for your school and are excited about it? To make it into a successful event, you have to plan it well. You must consider the several tasks a school fundraiser entails like; forming a team of volunteers, selecting the fundraiser company etc.

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Different Aspects of Fundraising

If you are planning to organize a school fundraising event and want everything to go smoothly from start to end; you need to consider different aspects of fundraising and handle them diligently. First and foremost task is to form a team of volunteers to assist you in organizing the whole event. The volunteers should be enthusiastic and dedicated towards the work given to them. You can attract the volunteers to participate by formally making an announcement inviting the volunteers to participate in the school fundraiser. You can take the help of school staff for this purpose.

The next important thing is to select the fundraising company. The success or failure of your fundraiser event is largely determined by the fundraising company. Your experience can either be enjoyable and profitable or can leave a bad taste in your mouth depending on the fundraising company you choose to work with. So, you must consider few factors on the basis of which you should decide on a particular fundraising company.

You must consider following factors while choosing a fundraising company:

  • Reputation:  You must look for past experience of different schools with various fundraising companies and what reputation they have established with the schools. You will find all the skills and experience needed to make the fundraiser successful with a well- reputation.
  • Profit Margin: The profit margin offered to the schools is decided by the fundraising company. You will discover that the profits vary greatly from company to company. Most of the times the fundraising company offers the school a percentage of each sale. You must choose the company offering best percentage. But while calculating the percentage, you must take into account the fees, handling charges, shipping and other expenses you may incur.
  • Customer Service: if you have got a good fundraising company in your kitty, it will help you overcome the hurdles of the event and make it a success. You must make sure that you receive the best level of customer service from the fundraising company. You can seek answers to questions like: if the customer service agents are helpful? Can you get a sales agent from the company? You will need a fast and reliable source of fundraising answers to overcome any difficulty during the event. Thus, you must choose the fundraising company which has a helpful customer service team. The sales agent that you will get will work with you throughout the entire process and attend to your queries, if any.

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