University Of Nicosia As The Icon Of Versatile Education In Cyprus

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The University of Nicosia is the biggest privately-owned university in Cyprus, with competent professorship and leading practices of scientific research and development. Known to be international and foreigner-friendly, the University of Nicosia accepts both resident and non-resident applicants for its full-time and distance-learning academic programs 24writer.

Crucial about studies

A true value of the University of Nicosia is its enthusiastic academic staff aiming to get the students involved by interest rather than compulsion. Following the conventional European model, lectures are all pre-studied, which means students are familiar with the lecture subject matter prior to its commencement. All lectures are available through the university`s Intranet well in advance, so that students can anytime study them and analyze the recommended literature, which is also often uploaded to the Intranet database, along with numerous scientific publications. This helps stops end less time for theory but pay more attention to practical details, discussions and workshops. The case-study practice is ideally brought into action here, all exams resting upon case studies only. As part of the practice, professors regularly invite the men of business to support the case studies with their personal examples. Many of them later employ the most talented students who they had a chance to contact during such study meetings .

Such an indispensable facility for every university as library has a lot of books to offer, both hard and soft. There is subscriptions tom any authoritative professional editions worldwide catering for all and sundry study areas. Also, there are many scientific publications by the university professors available, as well as paper works made by the former university students. There is also a book store at the university, which is a real help in cases when you cannot find the required book: at the store, you may always order it.

Fortunately or not, but your Greek, if any, won`t be enough, since all studies are held in English. As such, you will be required to prove your English skills.

Employment during studies and upon graduation

Students are allowed to be employed for either part-time or student job (the latter preferred as the one to be less restrained and less taxable) unless their working hours exceed the binding 20 hours a week, which is strictly supervised by the government.A special-purpose job hunting centre is authorized by the university to advise the students on their future career and get them involved in various job conferences and seminars free of charge (fully covered by the university). The centre also provides for regular job fairs – a perfect place to get acquainted with the potential employers.

If you are a non-resident but wish to stay in Cyprus, better opt for IT, economics, tourism and hospitality – those are the most popular industries in the republic. The two most frequent languages – English and Russian – will add a good value to your professional expertise.In a word, it`s not difficult to find a job if you are a good expert in your area, speaking Greek or Turkish and one or two foreign languages.

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